How to Get Results from Content Marketing Episode 7:1

What are the Goals of Your Content Marketing?

What are the Goals of Your Content Marketing?

Getting Results from Content Marketing!

The main reasons to market your product and services are to attract, engage, and convert your audience. You must ask yourself whether your content marketing is getting you those results.  Because if you are serious about your business, you must be serious about the results that you want to achieve.  At My Biz Dream Team we are all-about focusing on results.  We help our clients achieve “Uncommon Results!” Who would want ordinary results!

Track What You are Doing

One of the first things that you must do to achieve results, is to track what you are doing. If you are writing blog posts or selling products you need to install a data gathering program to keep track of what you are doing.  I highly recommend Google Analytics to help you know who is clicking on your website, who is commenting, and ultimately who is buying the products that you have for sale.

Analyze the Data

It is important to schedule an appointment with yourself to review the data.  It does you no good to collect the data without making time to analyze it. We recommend making an appointment with yourself, to review the data at least once a month. We like to sit down on Saturday mornings over an early morning breakfast to review the previous week's data.  We then adjust or re-focus our efforts. You want to review trends over time.  Are you attracting more or fewer visitors? Which key words have the most pull?  What worked spectacularly?  What was a big bust?  Make sure that everything is quantifiable. Perhaps you set as a goal to increase the number of people who opt-in to your email list by 10% in 3 months.  That is a goal that you can measure.

Monetize Your Content

We believe in building a business of significance!  You must take these business-building tasks seriously.  One of those tasks is making money.  If you don't set monetary goals, it really is a hobby.  So how do you monetize your content?  Make sure that you include a call action in your emails and blog posts to buy what you have for sale.  Ask your readers for the sale with your call to action.  If you haven't created any products or services for sale, perhaps you can market other people's products.  You may also want to run ads.  These are just a few ways to monetize your content.


To get results from your content marketing, you need to (1) track what you do; (2) analyze the date; and (3)monetize your content.  To be a serious entrepreneur your marketing must attract, engage, and convert your audience.  These three steps are a  few of the strategies that you need to employ in your business to help you achieve uncommon results.  As you build a business of significance, you will need a team to help you.  If you want to learn how to build your business dream team, you can purchase our Special Report and Training Guide:  The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Business Dream Team

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