Blog Posts: 3 Tips for Writing a Better Blog Post

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Blog Posts: 3 Tips for Writing a Better Blog Post

Blog posts that disappoint me are everywhere! Have you ever started reading a blog post and had to stop half way through? I know that I have. Blog posts sometimes suffer from 1) misspelled words, 2) blatant selling, and 3) lack of organization. If it is a really bad blog post it has all three problems. When these problems occur your personal branding and professionalism suffer.  So let's talk about how to address these problems in blog posts. When you address these issues you will get more readers.

I. Misspelled Words

Misspelled words in blog posts are  a real pet peeve for me. I must confess that have been known to misspell a few words myself. Oops, just had to correct a misspelled word! My concern is about blog posts where there are 5 misspelled word in a 5 sentence paragraph.  Please do your readers a service by using spell check.  This kind of error could have been caught by simply proof reading your article before publishing.

II. Blatant Selling

Blog posts that blatantly sell products or services are another turnoff for me. If they bother me, it probably bothers your readers also. I understand that you are in business to sell.  But those of us who take time to read for information want you to at least try to share something helpful.  So please leave the blatant selling to your sales copy.  Let your blog posts be places of problem solving.

III. Lack of Organization

Blog posts that lack an organizing principle are confusing to read. Some posts are just a huge blob of print. These types of posts do not use 1) headings; 2) paragraphs; or 3) bullet points. It is very difficult to follow the narrative of the posts without some basic cues about the topic.  Master blogger and best selling author Michael Hyatt  in “Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World” also discusses the need for clear cues in your writing as you move from one topic to the next.


Blog posts often suffer from the following problems:

  • Misspelled words
  • Blatant selling
  • Lack of organization

When a post contains two or three of these problems it is often impossible to read.

To address these issues, remember to:

  • Use spell check and proof read
  • Save the selling for your sales page
  • Remember to provide visual cues in your posts such as paragraphs, heading, and bullet points

In the digital age, all of your content is always available. It hurts your personal branding and professionalism to produce sloppy work.

Let us hear from about your pet peeves in this era of digital marketing.




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