The 9 Best Steps that Will Improve Work-life Balance

The 9 Best Steps that will Improve work-life Balance

The 9 Best Steps that Will Improve Work-life Balance

The 9 Best Steps that Will Improve Work-life Balance

Imagine if you had the 9 best steps that will improve your work-life balance. How would that impact your life?

Do you resemble this old saying: “An entrepreneur is someone who will work sixteen hours a day to keep from working eight hours for someone else.”? This is often too true in the early days of a start-up.  You are trying to get your business off the ground and focusing on making a profit.

Spending time with your family often gets a low priority. In your quest for making a profit, my advice is “Do not neglect your family.” If you are not intentional in making connections and commitments with your family you may find yourself alone.

Remember the Reason “WHY”

You may be like many people who start a business to have more time with your family. But often you find yourself spending less and less time with them. Some commentators talk about the work-life balance. I do not think those two aspects of your life can ever really balance. But you can intentionally communicate and act with integrity to maintain a fabulous relationship with your family.

Do not let your business cost you your family.

 I have seen far too many people end up divorced and estranged from their children because of a lopsided devotion to work.  Yes, it is fine to be ambitious. I certainly understand the desire to get more clients, increase sales and make more money. However, you must remember the underlying reason for your work and ambition. The reason is usually to support and show love for your family.

Dexter and I have been married 35 years. We have raised our son.  At the center of this relationship is a deep commitment to each other and our shared dreams for our life together. Occasionally, I have missed my wedding anniversary, my husband’s birthday, and even Halloween for out-of-town business trips. But, I made it clear that the short-term sacrifice was for our family’s long-term benefit.

So, what can you do to be intentional in finding a balance between your business and your family so that neither suffers?

1. Set a time to stop working and then stick to it.

When you work for yourself it is sometimes hard to know when to quit. You could work around the clock. However, you need to set a time to stop working and stick to it. This may be hard. But, if you want to keep your relationship with your family going well you need to spend time with them. Decide what times you will work and when you will stop. This may need to be adjusted for big projects. But keep your family informed so they will know what to expect.

Neil Pasricha, bestselling author of The Happiness Equation, in a recent blog post advises that you (1) limit checking emails to twice a day, and (2) create 30-second barriers to after-work phone-checking.

2. Tell your family in advance if you have a tight deadline.

If you have a tough deadline coming up or a special project, explain it to your family in advance. Ask for their help in letting you complete the project undisturbed. Offer an ethical bribe such as pizza night and the movies if they would leave you alone for a few hours to complete your project.

3. Explain to your spouse and children the importance of your business.

Your family needs to understand the importance of your business. Help them to understand that this is your work. It is how you help provide housing, food and clothes for the family. You are not playing video games or watching movies. Let them know your long-term goals. What do you hope to achieve with your business? If they can share your vision, life becomes much easier.

4. Set up a private space for your office.  

Try to have a space set up that is for work only. When you walk away, leave the work behind for the day. Do not bring your laptop into the family room and work. When you are with your children and your spouse, give them your complete attention.

5. Learn to be in the moment

When you are working, do not worry about the children. When you are with your children, do not stress about work. Let your family know how important they are to you and how much you love them.

6. Keep your commitments to your family

Your commitments to your family are just as important as those to your clients. Do not make it a habit of canceling on family commitments. They will quickly learn that they are a low priority in your life. If you say you are going to take the children skating or to the movies, then do so. If you agree to hire a sitter, and go out with your husband on Saturday, then do so.

7. Do not procrastinate

There is nothing worse than having two weeks to work on a project and then waiting until the last minute to get started. You will snap at your spouse and children about how you must get your work done. The truth is it is your fault for waiting so long.  Do not take it out on your family. Learn some great strategies to deal with procrastination in this blog post: How to Absolutely Overcome the Deadly Procrastination Habit.

8. Find other interests

Find a hobby that helps you feel relaxed and brings you joy. Not everything is about money. Volunteer for your favorite non-profit. Or join a service organization like the Rotary Club. I have greatly enjoyed meeting other business leaders and working with them on community service projects.

Neil Pasricha, bestselling author of The Happiness Equation, also advises in a recent blog post, that you know how you are using the time that you are not working or sleeping. Be very intentional about how you use that “third bucket.”

9. Find Time for Yourself

You cannot be so focused on the business or the family that you neglect yourself. Finding time for yourself is essential to your well-being and peace of mind. Taking time for yourself is not selfish. Rather it gives you time to refresh, refocus, and recharge. Find out more about this topic in this blog post: Finding Time for Yourself: “Me Time”

Conclusion/Call to Action

By following the 9 best steps that will improve work-life balance you may find that you have strengthened your relationship with your family as you grow your business. Those two aspects of your life do not have to be mutually exclusive. By following the steps discussed above, you can build a lifestyle and a business that you love.

Leave me a comment on how you work to achieve work-life balance.

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