Podcast: Be Authentic to Increase Your Authority Status Episode 8:2

Be Authentic: Don't Be A Fake

Be Authentic: Don't Be A Fake

Be Authentic: Increase Your Authority Status

The word “authentic” is defined in the dictionary as meaning,” worthy of trust, reliance, or belief.”  As an entrepreneur you want be seen as worthy of trust, reliance, or belief. Otherwise, potential clients, customers, or partners will likely not want to work with you.  You want to be real. You want to be humble.   In this podcast we explain why it is so important to be authentic as you build your authority status.  We also give you several tips on how to be authentic and transparent.

Different Types of Authority Figures

There are generally two types of authority figures. The first type may hit it big for a while.   They tend to being shooting stars.  They have 15 minutes of fame and then it is all over.  You never hear from them again.

Then there are other type of authority figures who build their authority status over time. They retain that status over the long term. This type of authority figure is well-respected within their industry. As you build your business you want to be the second type of authority figure.  You want longevity.  One of the key ways to build longevity, is to be authentic. That means being 100% yourself.  You present a consistent face the world.

Be Authentic and Transparent with Potential Clients and Partners

Being authentic means that you connect with your potential clients and partners in a way that is truthful and honest. When you are pretending or being fake, other people can pick up on your awkwardness and discomfort.  It is often difficult to maintain a fake persona for too long. Then when people find out how you really are, you quickly lose credibility. All of the goodwill and authority that you have built is gone.

Being transparent means that you are honest about who you are and what you know. If you do not know the answer to a question, then admit it. Don't pretend to have knowledge that you don't.  My experience after giving hundreds of speeches, presentations, and court room arguments, is that is best to admit it when you don't know the answer. You have more credibility with the audience. Let them know that you will find the answer for them.  Then follow-up.

By being authentic and transparent, you are able to brand your personality. You can embrace what is truly unique about yourself. You can offer your client what no one else can.  Don't be a clone or an imitator of what everyone else is doing.  There are more benefits and opportunities when you share your real self with your potential clients.

As you present your authentic self to the world, you build your credibility and authority.  You increase your status as a recognized expert.

Let us know about your experiences when you have not been truly authentic.  What were the consequences?


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