Be Different: Increase Your Perceived Value

Dare to be different!

Dare to be different!

Dare to Be Different: Increase Your Perceived Value

As an entrepreneur you want to be different in order to increase your perceived value. Sameness is boring and cheap.  It is your differences that make you  special to your potential customers and clients.  Branding is the means to demonstrate that difference. In Branding Small Businesses for Dummies, branding has been called the science and art of making something unique in the eye of the customer. A brand stands for something.  A great brand is easy to remember!

Branding will set you apart from other entrepreneurs in your area of expertise. For example, when you brand yourself you are no longer “a local marketing specialist” you are “the 24/7 marketer.”   In fact, everything you do and say establishes your brand. For example, if you are late completing work for your customers, then your brand is being late.

This post makes three points about how you can use branding to increase your perceived value. First, by being different, second by highlighting how you are special, and third, by recognizing that perception is everything.

Be Different

Don't be afraid of being different. Perhaps as a child you may have tried very hard to fit in. This tendency may have continued when you become an adult. Perhaps you recall a situation that occurred when you did stand out that resulted in you being taunted for being different.  Sometimes the limelight can be frightening and uncomfortable. However, as an entrepreneur you must be different. As an entrepreneur, your mindset must shift to embracing the difference. Fitting in with every other entrepreneur in your specialty does not help you!

Be Special

Don't be afraid to embrace the qualities that make you special. One way to do that is to emphasize your achievements. We are all familiar with great athletes like Michael Jordan, Peyton Manning, and Hank Aaron whose brand is based on their athletic achievements.  You don't need to be a world-class athlete to use your own achievements to brand yourself.  Take a few minutes to think about your area of expertise and how your achievements relate. Perhaps you are a distance runner. That ability shows grit and determination. Great traits for an entrepreneur!

Perception is Everything

Remember that it is always the customer's perception of you that matters. Your brand rises and falls on that perception. Your brand goes beyond a name and a logo. Think about the other ways that you interact with potential customers and clients.  Your social media posts, websites, and business cards are also important. Make sure that your branding is consistent across all medium.  You do not want to confuse potential customers or the clients.  The attention that you pay to these matters will make you different from  others in your area of specialty who do not.


Final Thoughts

As an entrepreneur you want to focus on what you makes you different from others in your area of specialty.  Your difference increases your perceived value to potential customers and clients. Your branding should demonstrate just how special and different you are. Remember that perception is everything.

For more discussion of this topic: “The ABC's of Branding”

“What's Your Brand?–Perception is Everything” .


Please leave a comment below about how you have used branding to highlight your differences.







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8 Responses to “Be Different: Increase Your Perceived Value”

  1. Tanya Brockett, MBA

    Thanks for this insightful post. For many years, I hid my light under a bushel, trying NOT to stand out. I now know that it is okay to be awesome and to let others know that! At my editing company, Hallagen Ink, we also attract awesome clients to serve, and the cycle continues.
    Your point about perception is so critical to our brand. We sometimes have to look at ourselves through the eyes of our clients to ensure we are projecting what and who we want to be.
    Great article!
    Tanya Brockett, MBA recently posted…Authors Need to Have an Online BusinessMy Profile

  2. Pam Montgomery

    Hello Tanya,
    Thanks for sharing your insights about the importance of branding!

  3. Connie Ragen Green

    Branding is such a complex topic. Thanks so much for explaining your take on it here, Pamela. It is indeed the way to show how different and special we are.
    Connie Ragen Green
    Connie Ragen Green recently posted…The Internet Marketing Lifestyle: Online Marketing TipsMy Profile

  4. Pam Montgomery

    connie, great hearing from you! continue to show the world how different and special you are.

  5. Cynthia Charleen

    Yes, it is good to be different. Monotony does not excite…difference means you have something worth saying and are ready to say it. I appreciate your salute to difference!
    Cynthia Charleen recently posted…Business Marketing Online – The BenefitsMy Profile

  6. Pam Montgomery

    Charlene, thanks for taking time to comment! Let’s continue to be different!!

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