Branding: The “ABCs” of Branding

Branding is Essential

Branding is Essential

Branding: The “ABCs” of Branding

Branding is an essential component of your business strategy.  Being branded separates you from all the others in your area of expertise. For example, you are no longer “a consultant.” You are now “the 24/7 Consultant.”

As an entrepreneur, it is often difficult to separate yourself from the company. Therefore, everything that you do becomes associated with the company! So be aware of the impressions that you are making even when you are “off-duty.”

Branding sets you apart from others who offer a similar product or similar.  Your brand separates you from the crowd. In other words, a brand makes you distinctive! Here are a few basic “ABCs” to help you in developing your distinctive brand.

“A” is for Achievement

Branding by highlighting your achievements is excellent. We are all familiar with the famous athletes like, Cam Newton, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, and Peyton Manning,  who are branded by their achievements. You don't need to be a world-class athlete to use your own achievements for to brand yourself.  Take a few minutes and think about your area of expertise and how your achievements relate. Perhaps you are a marathon runner. That shows grit and determination. Great traits for an entrepreneur.  For example, you may have written a book. Many people want to write a book. Most do not. I highlight that I am an author in branding myself. The fact that I have written a book differentiates me.  Your brand should highlight your achievements to differentiate you!

“B” is for Benefits

Branding is all about the promises that you make to your customers. So, make sure that your brand highlights the distinctive benefits that you offer. Branding with your unique offering allows you to stand out in the crowd. How do you help your clients and customers achieve better results. What results can your client expect when working with you?  Will they be thinner? Will they become richer? Will they be smarter?  Your brand should speak the language of the benefits that you offer.


“C” is for Customer-focused

You should focus on the customer experience in developing your brand. Remember, in branding it is always the customer's perception of you that matters. Your brand rises and falls on that perception. So your brand goes beyond a name and a logo. Think about the other ways that you interact with customers and clients. For example, branding involves how you answer the phone.  Branding is about how you handle customer complaints and customer service.  Your brand must be customer-focused.



Branding is essential to building and growing your business.  Therefore, it is a key component of your business strategy. In developing your branding remember these “ABCs”:

  • “A” is for  Achievement based branding
  • “B” is for Benefits of your product or service
  • “C” is for Customer-focused experiences

By following these “ABCs” of branding you are on your way to establishing a distinctive and sustainable brand. You can work with us to help develop your branding strategy in “The Strategic Pathway to Success Program.”  Let us help you make your brand powerful.


We would love to hear about your experiences with branding your business. Is branding part of your business strategy? Leave a comment below.

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