Build Your Authority Status with Creative Content

Do You Have Authority Status?

Do You Have Authority Status?

Build Your Authority Status with Creative Content

Producing creative content is one of the best ways to build your authority status. For example, one blog post could potentially reach thousands of people and establish you as a credible player in your area of expertise.  You can leverage the power of the internet to create, share, and publish authority boosting content.  There are several ways to do this.  This article will discuss a few.

Write Blog Posts

One of the best ways to produce creative content is to have your own website where you write your own blog posts that present top quality information. At My Biz Dream Team we consistently publish 2-3 high quality posts each week. Be sure to share what you know. Answer your audience's question. You can also talk about industry news and provide solutions for your audience's problems. Make sure that the blogs that you produce are consistently of good quality and value. Let your professionalism and expertise shine through in the content.

In addition to writing blog posts for your own website, you may want to guest blog. Find a reputable industry leader who creates value-laden content. Once you have the opportunity to guest blog make the most of it. Be sure to have a clear call to action that will motivate the readers to click through and visit your website.

Another way to use blogs to your advantage is to make comments on other authoritative blogs. Be sure that your comments are substantive. This is a great opportunity to be seen in a positive light that positions you as an authority.

Publish a Book

Publishing a book is a fantastic way to establish your authority status.  Nothing opens more doors for other opportunities like a book. You position yourself above others in your niche by writing a book. Digital publishing has never been easier. Opportunities to publish on Kindle or Create Space did not exist 20 years ago. Don't wait any longer to take advantage of this opportunity to make a name for yourself in a very big way. You should start brainstorming today and writing your book. If you don't have time to write it all down, speak it. That's how we created one of our books, The Book on Investing: Create the Life of Your DreamsWe made an outline of topics we wanted included in the book.  Then we recorded the conversation we had about those topics. Our book emerged from the recorded conversation.  It made the idea of “writing” a book much easier.  You can try it our way or you can hire a ghost writer to help you.

Hold Live Events

Consider holding live events like webinars or teleseminars to provide value-laden information to people who want to learn more from you. These live events work very much like a published book to establish your authority status. Every Wednesday, we hold a live teleseminar training program: My Biz Dream Team: Opportunity Wednesday Training Series. People tend to naturally give authority status to people who are published and to people who “teach” and speak in public. Holding your own live events gives your credibility and authority status a huge bump.


There are so many opportunities to create high quality, authority building content today. You should take advantage of the power of the internet to: (1) write blog posts; (2) publish a book; and (3) hold live events.  You may also want to consider publishing articles in traditional magazines and newspapers. These opportunities and others allow you to showcase your expertise. They also help you to become recognized as an authority figure in you niche.

To find out more about building your authority continue to follow us at My Biz Dream Team on our blog,  on our podcast, or on the weekly teleseminar training program: The My Biz Dream Team: Opportunity Training Series.


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