Business Mentor: 3 Reasons You Want One on Your Team

Your Business Mentor has the Key

Your Business Mentor Has the Key

Business Mentor: 3 Reasons You Want One on Your Team

Sometimes I wonder how many mistakes we could have avoided if we had gotten a business mentor sooner. Once we found a mentor, we realized that we would never be without one. A mentor is defined as someone who is a sounding board. Your business mentor helps you navigate through the intangible issues related to your  business.  A business mentor can help you with strategic and sustained business growth and success.


Research by Daniel Goleman, Daniel Boyatzis, and Annie McKee reported in “Primal Leadership: Realizing the Power of Emotional Intelligence,” has shown that cultivating a special relationship with someone whose sole purpose is to help you along your path is crucial to your continuing development as a leader.  A business mentor knows your strengths and weaknesses. She can guide you as you through the steps in your strategic plan for growth. A business mentor can help you to:

  • Avoid  Major Mistakes
  • Build  Your Team
  • Conceptualize Your Future

1. Avoid Major Mistakes

Your business mentor is someone who has already had success in your industry. She can offer expertise and experience. She can tell you about the mistakes that others in your industry have made. Your mentor has been around the block longer and knows the pitfalls well.

Remember to be very intentional in working with your mentor. Share your specific strategies and plans so that she can provide  specific advice.

2. Building Your Team

Building a top flight team is one of the most crucial factors in your success. Your business mentor has connections to others inside and outside of the industry. Your mentor can give you referrals to other professionals you want on your team. People  such as a lawyer, accountant, tax specialist who can help with specific matters.  Your mentor can also help you plan when and how to add others to your in-house team of employees and consultants. Learning how to hire and build a strong organizational culture is key.

Remember to tap into your mentor's vast reservoir of key business connections.


3. Conceptualize Your Future

Your business mentor can help you think about and plan for your future success. As the leader of the company you maybe to focused on the day-to-day operations. You may not be focusing on your thoughts on long-term growth. Your business mentor however can help you think outside of your regular bubble. You may be regularly focused on the $100,000 a year level.  Your business mentor can help you conceptualize your business at the $1 million dollar a year level.  It may be hard for you to imagine such massive success. But your mentor can see and plan that far ahead.

Remember to share freely with your mentor to gain from their vast insights and perspectives.


Closing Thoughts

A good mentor will understand the challenges that you are facing. She will bring to you her vast experience and expertise to bear on the issues that you are facing. Having a mentor will help you grow as a business leader. Your mentor can help you  to:

  • Avoid Massive Mistakes
  • Build Your Team, and
  • Conceptualize Your Future.

As you grow your business consider working with a business mentor. You can work with us to help you navigate the intangibles in your business strategy in “The Strategic Pathway to Success Program.”  Let us mentor you to business growth and success.

Leave a comment below to let us know if you have worked with a mentor before in your business.


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