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How to Fuel Success with the Power of Teamwork

How to Fuel Success with the Power of Teamwork

How to Fuel Success with the Power of Teamwork

How to Fuel Success with the Power of Teamwork

Imagine what you can achieve when you learn how to fuel success with the power of teamwork. In this episode of My Biz Dream Team: Opportunity Wednesday Training Series Dexter and I discuss how you can reach your business, professional and personal  goals faster when you fuel success with the power of teamwork.  As business tycoon, Andrew Carnegie stated, teamwork is the fuel for your success. So, are you using high-octane fuel to obtain success?

Who is on your team? Do you have an administrative or technical assistant? Do you have a coach or mentor? Or are you trying to do everything yourself.

What are Your Goals in Life?

What is it that you want to achieve in life? What are your long-term dreams and goals? We are sure that, like most people, you have quite a few. The question is, have you been so entrenched in the day-to-day that it is been a while since you took your dreams out of the closet, dusted them off and really thought about what you want in life.

Like you, we had very successful careers. However, we found we did not have time to do many things that were truly important. So, several years ago we decided to create the life of our dreams by harnessing the power of teamwork.

We learned to delegate to our team to multiply our success.

We learned to use the power of teamwork to spur innovation.

We learned to use the power of  teamwork to grow our affiliate-marketing campaigns.

Are You Using the Power of Teamwork?

We are Dexter and Pamela Montgomery, owners of My Biz Dream Team.  We work with an exclusive group of individual and corporate clients to help them achieve uncommon results in their business and their life. Using our signature system “The Strategic Pathway to Success ™” our clients set and meet extraordinary goals. We know that anything of significance cannot be achieved alone. With the power of a business dream team you too can create a business with a solid foundation, that gives you (1) the ability to provide extraordinary service, (2) the freedom to live the life of your dreams, and (3) the opportunity to achieve uncommon results. This is the power of teamwork.

Conclusion/Call to Action

Listen in as share with you in this episode of My Biz Dream Team: Opportunity Wednesday Training Series, “How to Fuel Success with the Power of Teamwork.”

At My Biz Dream Team, we can show you how to develop an internet lifestyle business that can help you reach your money goals. Check out “The Strategic Pathway to Success Program™.”  Let us show you how to reach your goal of creating a lifestyle and a business that you love! Act today.

I am Pamela Montgomery, attorney, author, entrepreneur, and speaker, helping you create the life of your dreams as you achieve uncommon results in your business and in your life!


3 Harmful Money Habits that Sabotage Your Business Success

3 Harmful Money Habits that Sabotage Your Business Success

3 Harmful Money Habits that Sabotage Your Business Success

3 Harmful Money Habits that Sabotage Your Business Success

These three harmful money habits can sabotage your business success. They are certainly blocking your path to prosperity and keeping you broke.

You have an excuse. After all, most of us were not born knowing how to manage money.  Your schools certainly did not teach you how to handle money. Like me, most of you had to figure it out along the way. Much of what I figured out was through trial and error as I navigated throughout life.

Your lack of knowledge, mindset issues, and harmful money habits can wreak havoc in your personal finances. They can also ruin your businesses if you are not careful.

This article addresses three harmful money habits that maybe keeping you broke and holding you back from prosperity. I also offer alternative strategies to get you on track.

1. Chasing Each New “Thing” that Comes Along!

The first harmful money habit that you need to kick is chasing each new “thing” that comes along. Do you find yourself buying the newest electronic gadget? Joining the newest, coolest gym in the community? Must you join the latest training program? Do you hire the “hottest new guru?” Somethings are just hard to resist. This is especially true when your friends and colleagues are all jumping on board!

If you are not careful, these new “things” can quickly distract you from your current goals.

Rather than chasing each new “thing” that comes along, try the strategy that I use when tempted. First, think will this new toy or program make me money immediately.  If not, add it to your “someday” list.  You will get it “someday” later.


You must learn to trust yourself and invest in your business.

2. Failing to Invest in Your Business

The next harmful money habit to kick is failing to invest in your business. As you can see from this harmful money habit, everything is not about overspending. Sometimes spending too little is bad for your business.

You cannot build a high-quality long-term business, by totally relying upon free products. You must learn to trust yourself and invest in your business. You must invest in quality if you want to attract quality clients. High quality investments pay back dividends!

3.  Failing to Stop Paying for Things You Are Not Using

The third harmful money habit you need to kick is failing to stop paying for things that you are not using. I know that it can be difficult to unsubscribe from products and services.  Sometimes you cannot find the right place to unsubscribe. Many vendors do not make it easy for you.

However, if you want to prosper you must cut unnecessary expenses. Take a few minutes and review the products and services that you use on a regular basis for your business. Then unsubscribe from those services and products that you have not used in the last 90 days.  Get rid of those unnecessary monthly fees!

Chasing after each new” thing” (Harmful money habit #1) probably put you in the situation of paying for things that you do not use! (Harmful money habit #3)


This article is about 3 harmful money habits that sabotage your business success. If you want to build a high-quality business, then you must stop:

  1. Chasing each new “thing” that comes along;
  2. Failing to invest in your business
  3. Failing to stop paying for things you are not using

I would love to help you get on track with The Strategic Pathway to Success Program. Let us hear from you!

I am Pamela Montgomery, attorney, author, entrepreneur, and speaker who helps you create the life of your dreams as you achieve uncommon results in your business and in your life!



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The Power of the Published Author: 3 Reasons to Write Your Book in 2017

The Power of the Published Author

The Power of the Published Author

The Power of the Published Author: 3 Reasons to Write Your Book in 2017

The power of being a published author cannot be underestimated. Dexter and I are the authors of 2 books. We understand how a published book propels your success.

Certainly, your presence on social media is a great representation of your brand. Your blog attracts and engages with new audiences. Your email list keeps you connected with fans and followers.

Each tool in your marketing toolkit has a job to do, but the one with the most power by far is your published book.

Your name on the cover of a tangible, hold-it-in-your-hands, printed-on-paper book is the one thing that can take your coaching, speaking, or consulting business from somewhat successful to rock star status.

This article discusses three reasons why you should write your book in 2017.

1. As a Published Author, You Are an Instant Expert

Pay attention to the “experts” you see interviewed on morning news shows, talk shows, and on radio and podcasts. Notice anything?

They are almost always introduced as “The author of…”

There is a reason for that. Those who have the expertise to dig deep into a subject just so they can break it down in a way that others will understand clearly know their stuff. Books do not just skim the surface of a subject. They follow the rabbit trails and make new connections and explore unknown corners.

If you have written a book, you have almost certainly earned your “expert” status.

2. Authors are Committed and Driven

Not only are authors seen as the experts in their field, but they have proven themselves to be more committed than most. Think about the time and energy and frustration that comes from writing 150 or 200 or even 300 pages of content about the same subject. Not only that, but those pages must flow together in a logical order, make sense out of difficult to grasp concepts, and be engaging, too.

That is a tall order, and for those who pull it off, the kudos are well deserved. When your book is published, you deserve to walk a bit taller and to hold your head a bit straighter. But even if you do not, others will see you through new eyes, simply because you have written a book.

3. Books Offer a “Foot in the Door” When Nothing Else Will

When it comes to publicity—be it in the form of interviews, speaking engagements, JV invitations, or just more traffic to your website—you really cannot do better than a book.

Books open doors that no other content marketing tool can.

Books get you noticed by top-tier influencers in your niche.

Books make you a more memorable speaker.

Books are better than a business card.

Also, self-published books even turn into traditional publishing contracts, and all the benefits that go along with it.

With all the advantages that come with having written a book, what is holding you back? No matter your niche, there is always room on the shelf for your unique insights. You owe it to your audience, and to your business to get that book published in 2017.

Conclusion/Call to Action

Now that you understand the power of being a published author, start brainstorming your book.  For help in brainstorming your book, join our weekly teleseminar training series.

Wednesday, at 6:30 p.m. (EST)

My Biz Dream Team: Opportunity Wednesday Training Series.

Dial in #: 712-775-7035   Participant code: 930599


Social Media Team: A Checklist for Building Your Team

Build Your Social Media Team

Build Your Social Media Team

Social Media Team: A Checklist for Building Your Social Media Team

Having a social media team is a key component in growing your business. One of the best things you can do for your business is to build a great team to help you accomplish your social media goals. This checklist will help you find the right people for your social media team.

 1. Track Your Efforts

 Before you can even start building your social media team, you need to know what types of social media tasks need to be completed.

 o Track yourself for a couple of weeks

o Create social media goals for each network

o Write down everything you do right now for social media on each network

o Write down what you wish you could do if you had the knowledge

2. Create Roles From Duties                         

 When you see what, you do daily, plus what you wish you could do, create duties for each role.

o List expectations

o List tasks

o Give it a title

3. Determine Your Goals for Each Role

 When you know the roles and duties that each will do, create goals for each role, for example, if you want to hire a community manager what is the reason for them being there?

o Conversions

o Engagement

o Organization

o Content Calendar

o Number of Times and When to Share

o Ads

 4. Define the Skills Needed for Each Role

 When you write down the duties for each role you have created for your team, you can then determine which skills they need. For example, a graphic designer obviously needs to know how to use software, and design “something” but what? Book covers, memes, sales pages? What?

 o Designing Memes

o Choosing Images

o Making Text Overlays

o Engaging with Members

o Knowing your product — do you need to set up some product knowledge training?

 5. Ask Your Friends and Colleagues

 Finding just the right person for each role can be difficult but you probably know someone without realizing it. The first place you should go is to friends or colleagues that you know have awesome teams.

 o Know what you need before asking

o Define what makes a good (fill-in the blank for the role)

o Understand the basics of the role

 6. Check Out Job Sites for Freelancers

Today, there are many job sites you can check out to find just the right person.





Conclusion/Call to Action

Finding the right people for your social media team is crucial. You must determine when the time is right. Using this checklist will help you make good decisions about this important aspect of your business.

For more information about building a great team see: The Special Report and Training Guide: The Ultimate Guide to Building a Business Dream Team


Leave a comment below to let us know whether you are considering adding a social media team to your business.





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Conformity: The Mindset of an Employee or an Entrepreneur?

Conformity: Yes or No?

Conformity: Yes or No?

Conformity: The Mindset of an Employee or an Entrepreneur?

Conformity is defined as: “acting in accordance with current customs and styles.”  Some people pride themselves on being conformists.  They will agree with anything that is said or done just to fit in.  I have worked with many people like that during a 35 year career.  You probably have also! Sometimes conformity is rewarded in employees.  However as an entrepreneur, you must break-free from the conformity mindset.  As you make the transition from employee to entrepreneur, the mindset shift from conformity to standing out may be difficult. This article will discuss why it is important to change your mindset as you transform from an employee to an entrepreneur.

Be a Risk Taker

Recently, I made a presentation to a group of women who are looking to make a change in their lives.  I encouraged the audience to realize just how powerful they were.  The speaker after me, an HR professional from the corporate world, told them to conform to the workplace.

Most people go through life conforming to other people's expectation of them. Conformity is the easy way.  However, as an entrepreneur, you do not have anyone setting the rules for you.  You are now the leader. There is no exact blueprint for you to follow. There are practices and business models that many people have used before to achieve success. But who knows if it will work for you!  Living with that uncertainty is part of being an entrepreneur.  Taking risks and not conforming shows entrepreneurial leadership.


Don't Be a Commodity!

If you are like everyone else in the marketplace, then you are a commodity. If you are a commodity, then you can only compete on price.  You often see this occur with professionals and hourly employees.  For example,  dentists or chiropractors who don't specialize are often treated as commodities. Their patients will leave them for the next dentist or chiropractor who offers a lower price.  As an entrepreneur you can not afford to be a commodity.  As an entrepreneur, you must strive to stand out in the marketplace. Otherwise you will lose out when some else offers  similar goods or services at a lower price.


Dare to be Excellent!

I recently read a book by Dorie Clark that had as the basic premise, the idea that standing out is no longer optional.  According to the book, in a world of rapid change and globalization, it is no longer safe to hide in your cubicle.  Conformity no longer works for an employee either! Doing what is expected of you is no longer good enough.  Excellence is required. You must aim to be the best! You must strive to be the recognized authority. One of my favorite sayings from my 8th grade English teacher, still holds true today: “Go Beyond the Call of Duty.”


Final Thoughts

As you make the transition from employee to entrepreneur you will need to make a shift in your mindset from conformity to excellence.  It will no longer be sufficient to hide in your office. An entrepreneur must (1) take risks, (2) not become a commodity, and (3) dare to be excellent.

Recommended Resource: Dorie Clark, Stand Out-How to Find Your Breakthrough Idea and Build a Following Around It

We would love to hear from you about the ideas in this article. Do you agree or not?




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Business Mentor: 3 Reasons You Want One on Your Team

Your Business Mentor has the Key

Your Business Mentor Has the Key

Business Mentor: 3 Reasons You Want One on Your Team

Sometimes I wonder how many mistakes we could have avoided if we had gotten a business mentor sooner. Once we found a mentor, we realized that we would never be without one. A mentor is defined as someone who is a sounding board. Your business mentor helps you navigate through the intangible issues related to your  business.  A business mentor can help you with strategic and sustained business growth and success.


Research by Daniel Goleman, Daniel Boyatzis, and Annie McKee reported in “Primal Leadership: Realizing the Power of Emotional Intelligence,” has shown that cultivating a special relationship with someone whose sole purpose is to help you along your path is crucial to your continuing development as a leader.  A business mentor knows your strengths and weaknesses. She can guide you as you through the steps in your strategic plan for growth. A business mentor can help you to:

  • Avoid  Major Mistakes
  • Build  Your Team
  • Conceptualize Your Future

1. Avoid Major Mistakes

Your business mentor is someone who has already had success in your industry. She can offer expertise and experience. She can tell you about the mistakes that others in your industry have made. Your mentor has been around the block longer and knows the pitfalls well.

Remember to be very intentional in working with your mentor. Share your specific strategies and plans so that she can provide  specific advice.

2. Building Your Team

Building a top flight team is one of the most crucial factors in your success. Your business mentor has connections to others inside and outside of the industry. Your mentor can give you referrals to other professionals you want on your team. People  such as a lawyer, accountant, tax specialist who can help with specific matters.  Your mentor can also help you plan when and how to add others to your in-house team of employees and consultants. Learning how to hire and build a strong organizational culture is key.

Remember to tap into your mentor's vast reservoir of key business connections.


3. Conceptualize Your Future

Your business mentor can help you think about and plan for your future success. As the leader of the company you maybe to focused on the day-to-day operations. You may not be focusing on your thoughts on long-term growth. Your business mentor however can help you think outside of your regular bubble. You may be regularly focused on the $100,000 a year level.  Your business mentor can help you conceptualize your business at the $1 million dollar a year level.  It may be hard for you to imagine such massive success. But your mentor can see and plan that far ahead.

Remember to share freely with your mentor to gain from their vast insights and perspectives.


Closing Thoughts

A good mentor will understand the challenges that you are facing. She will bring to you her vast experience and expertise to bear on the issues that you are facing. Having a mentor will help you grow as a business leader. Your mentor can help you  to:

  • Avoid Massive Mistakes
  • Build Your Team, and
  • Conceptualize Your Future.

As you grow your business consider working with a business mentor. You can work with us to help you navigate the intangibles in your business strategy in “The Strategic Pathway to Success Program.”  Let us mentor you to business growth and success.

Leave a comment below to let us know if you have worked with a mentor before in your business.



New Entrepreneurs: 3 Massive Mistakes That Keep New Entrepreneurs Struggling

New Entrepreneur Struggling

New Entrepreneur Struggling

New Entrepreneurs: 3 Massive Mistakes That Keep New Entrepreneurs Struggling

New entrepreneurs often find themselves struggling. It may be difficult to get clients, get noticed, and get paid in the noisy world of commerce. This episode of My Biz Dream Team: Opportunity Wednesday Training Series will discuss the three massive mistakes that keep new entrepreneurs struggling.

  • Mistake #3: Failing to Focus
  • Mistake #2: Failing to Plan
  • Mistake #1: Failing to Take Action

Why is it Important for the New Entrepreneur to Stop Struggling?

  • You will be discouraged.
  • You may have to go find a job.
  • You will crush your dream of having a successful business.

What Would Happen If the New Entrepreneur Stopped Struggling?

  • You would be hopeful and happy about your prospects.
  • You would feel great because the people you want to serve are hearing your powerful message.
  • Your business is growing.

Failing to Focus

As a new entrepreneur you must focus the attention of your business. You must have (1) an inward focus for self awareness, and (2) a focus on others to develop empathy and to build social relationships.  This type of focus shows that you have emotional intelligence.  The third type of focus is on the wider world. This type of focus allows you to develop strategy, be innovative, and manage your business.

Failing to Plan

As a new entrepreneur you must plan for the future. You must be sure to consider: (1) the viability of your business model, (2) the strength of your client base, and (3) how you will reach your ideal client.  Of course, you must make financial projections and monitor them.

Failing to Take Action

As a new entrepreneur you must take action. Until you take action all your plans are meaningless. It is often the fear of failure that stops you from taking action. But with the proper mentor and training you can begin to take action. With the right mentor and training you can accelerate the growth of your business.


Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ 

Daniel Goleman, Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence

The Strategic Pathway to Success Program

Final Thoughts

As a new entrepreneur you can continue to struggle. Or you can  begin to make your dream of becoming a new and successful entrepreneur by doing the following:

  1. Focus
  2. Plan
  3. Take Action

We have included a few resources to help you in overcome your struggles.  We have included two insightful books by Daniel Goleman. Also, contact us about our comprehensive training and mentoring program:  The Strategic Pathway to Success Program





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How to Transform from Employee to Entrepreneur

Transform from employee to entrepreneur


How to Transform from Employee to Entrepreneur

How to transform from employee to entrepreneur, is a question asked by many would-be entrepreneurs. As you transform from employee to entrepreneur you may struggle with feelings of powerlessness and lack of confidence in the face of the new challenges. You will need to develop a lifestyle and mindset that makes you feel confident and powerful in the situations that you face in life and in business as you make this transformation. This article addresses how to transform yourself from employee to  entrepreneur using five strategies that help you to become confident, strong, and powerful.  I invite you to  “Step into Your P.O.W.E.R.

1. Remember Your Purpose

As you transform from  employee to entrepreneur, you must remind yourself of the burning desire that brought you to this point. You had a big dream of starting a business.  Remember your purpose. Continue to dream big and to act big. Join with others to make a difference. We were sent here to serve.  Who are you serving? Once you begin to focus on others, and get your mind off of yourself, your passion and purpose will be re-kindled. I began to feel less nervous and fearful when I stopped focusing on details of my business plan and remembered why I wanted to serve my clients.

2. Look for Opportunities to Continue Learning

Once you become an entrepreneur you will find that school has just begun.  You may have credentials that made you a great success as an employee.  As an entrepreneur you will need new skills. These skills aren't often learned in university classrooms. So you must continually look for opportunities to learn that will broaden your knowledge base. Take courses and read books that fill the gaps in your knowledge. You can also learn from people who are already successful doing what you do.  You must remain teachable!  These opportunities for learning are essential to your transformation. These opportunities for learning help make you feel confident and powerful.  As you learn new things you gain the confidence to know that you can meet the challenge of being an entrepreneur.

3. Pursue a Wealth of Relationships

As you become an entrepreneur you need to pursue and develop a wealth of relationships.  The people around you are so important to your feeling of power. Are they negative? Are they telling you what you can not do? If so it may be time to stop spending time with them. You must develop relationships with people who will support you and your dream.  Are they encouraging you in your change?  Some of the negative people may be in your own family. Then it is harder to get away from them.  But you must protect your dream!  I have joined new groups like the Rotary Club and the community civic association to associate with other business and community leaders.  You may want to join local service organizations in your community. Continue to network and serve.

4. Be Energetic!

As you transform from employee to entrepreneur you will probably spend longer hours working. You will be tired and pre-occupied with all that you have to do. But you will not be able to accomplish your great dreams if you are tired all the time.  To combat this feeling, you need to be energetic. Move around. Feel your strength. I like to walk in the neighborhood or at the local mall in morning.  I have a ritual where I jump up out of the bed, pray and meditate, then start walking. You may want to try something similar to keep your energy high!

5. Be Relentless

As you step into your power as an entrepreneur, you will leave many old habits and customs behind. You must be relentless in pursuit of the dream that is your business.  Don't give up. When you stop, the results you were looking for could have been just around the corner. I encourage you to be persistent, determined, and relentless. Be excellent in all that you do. None of us is perfect. But we can be an excellent example of how to use POWER for positive change in our life and our community.

Closing Thoughts

To transform from employee to entrepreneur can be challenging. However with the proper mindset and focus you can emerge confident and powerful as you learn to step into your P.O.W.E.R.

What new habits or rituals are you developing as your transform from employee to entrepreneur? Share your remarks in the comment box. We would love to hear from you.



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Be Professional: Make a Good First Impression

Being Professional Matters!

Being Professional Matters!

Be Professional: Make a Good First Impression

In today's episode of My Biz Dream Team: Episode Wednesday Training Series we discuss how you should present yourself in a professional manner. We discuss specific steps that you should take to be sure that you will be seen in the best possible light. What kind of an impression are you making? As an entrepreneur you want to be seen as the expert in your market.  People are drawn to those in authority. Your professionalism will help you attract new clients and grow your business.  You may want to read our recent blog post How to be a Recognized Expert to get more information on the topic.

What Does it Mean to Present Yourself in a Professional Manner?

It means that you set high standards for your business.  What standards have you set for your business? If you set low standards, you will not be in business long.  You don't need to be perfect.  No one is perfect. But people want to do business with people who know what they are doing. It means that you have to look and sound like an expert.  You can do this in a number of ways.

(1) Your social media posts should be professional and business related.  There is a real danger of over-sharing. The danger is that your potential clients may get an unfavorable impression of you.  So be careful of what you post on social media.  Your photos and images should portray you in the best possible light.  This is the case even on personal sites.  Nothing is private on the internet.

(2) Your written and spoken language should be consistent with the image that you want to portray in your business. It is better not to use slang, tech talk, or jargon.  Make sure that you are clearly understood by potential clients.   You may want to hire an editor to help you with writing books or marketing materials.

(3) You want to seen as someone who is a problem solver.  Be friendly and approachable. You will attract more clients by putting yourself in situations where you can continue to grow and learn.  Become known as someone who helps others.

You are probably already doing many of the things we suggest. But you can always use reminders.

Leave a comment to let us know how you are using social media and marketing to make a good first impression on your potential clients.


You Can Be an Author in 30-60 Days

You Can Be An Author!

You Can Be An Author!

You Can Be an Author in 30-60 Days

What if we told you that within thirty to sixty days that you could be a published author of a full length book? You probably think that we were joking. But we are not!

What if I told you that there was course that will take you step-by-step through the research, writing, publishing, and marketing of your book?  Would you be up for the challenge?

That's our latest challenge to you! To write a book in 30-60 days.  Just think you could be a published author by Thanksgiving!

What is Your Message

We are Dexter and Pamela Montgomery, the owners of My Biz Dream Team. We are a married couple and business partners. We are also published authors. We found out several years ago that writing a book on your  topic can increase your visibility and grow your business. 

We understand what it is like to have a fabulous message to share with the world and then to have difficulty reaching those who would benefit most from what you have to offer.  We discovered that writing a book, “The Book on Investing,”  allows us to reach our ideal client in a much more powerful way.  Engaging with our audience with a full length written book gave us credibility and authority.  We saw our business grow as we attracted more and more clients.  You can purchase a copy of the book at: .

Later on we will tell you how you can have a personal consultation with us to discuss your plans for your book and give you a free analysis.

Announcing “The My Biz Dream Team Book Writing Challenge”

But for now we are announcing “The My Biz Dream Team Book Writing Challenge.”  You can have your book published by October 1.

There are several courses out there that say they can help you write your book fast.  The best one that we have seen is  “Write, Publish, Prosper” by Connie Ragen Green.  

Connie is a prolific author.  She has written 14 books in the past 6 years.  Her course “Write, Publish, Prosper” gives you step by step instructions on how to write a book in 30-60 days.  Her course includes all of her research and expertise gathered from her many years of experiences as author, publisher, and entrepreneur.

We have taken Connie's course. Now we want to extend that opportunity to you.  You can be part of this challenge with us!

 As members of Connie’s mentoring program, we are offering this opportunity to you to hit the ground running. Connie has given us permission to offer this course to our clients at a deep discount. 

If you are interested in taking this challenge, contact us for the discount code at or

Go to “Write, Publish, Prosper for this special offer. 

Bonus!! The first 10 people to signup for “The My Biz Dream Team Book Writing Challenge” will receive a free 20 minute consultation to discuss your plans for your book.


You can write and publish a book within 30-60 days with the right guidance and motivation.

Join us in “The My Biz Dream Team Book Writing Challenge”  Have your book published by October 1.  Send us an email at or for the discount code for “Write, Publish, Prosper.”

To Achieving Uncommon Results!