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Marketing Your New Business: 3 Proven Strategies to Achieve Successful Results

Marketing Your New Business

Marketing Your New Business

Marketing Your New Business: 3 Proven Strategies to Achieve Successful Results

Marketing your new business is essential for your business success. The world is filled with great ideas and broke business owners with fabulous products but no sales.

The fact is, ideas are not what drives most business success. Marketing does. Therefore, before you quit your day job to branch out on your own, it pays to have a solid marketing plan in place. Start with these 3 marketing strategies to achieve successful results.

1. Free Webinars/Teleseminars

Marketing your new business through free training is one of the best sources of new clients. You can conduct your training as a webinar or teleseminar. No matter what your niche, the promise of in-depth training at no cost is enough to entice potential clients to part with an email address (which you will be able to use to market to them later) and an hour of their time.

Not only that, but webinars/teleseminars are a fantastic way for those potential customers to get to know you better. Remember, the better they know you, the more likely they are to buy.

At My Biz Dream Team, we have a weekly teleseminar training series that attracts our ideal clients. We repurpose those free training programs into podcasts. You can join us on Wednesday, at 6:30 p.m. (Eastern) as we discuss topics that will help you to grow your business.

My Biz Dream Team: Opportunity Wednesday Training Series

Dial in #: 712-775-7035

Participant code: 930599

2. Content Marketing

Not comfortable hosting a webinar/teleseminar? Hit the keyboard and start sharing your thoughts and ideas via your blog, e-books, guest articles, and other written content. For internet marketers, this gives readers a taste of what they can expect from your product. If you sell physical products, it provides the perfect opportunity to share usage tips and other important information with your buyers. For more on content marketing read our recent article on creating a content marketing strategy. You also want to listen to this podcast on content marketing also.

Of course, there is another important key benefit to content marketing: search engine optimization. Google and other search engines index the words on your website and use the information to present search results to their users. Content marketing is a tool you can use to make the most of these results. It also helps to bring more potential buyers to your website.

3. Paid Advertising

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google and plenty of other sites all offer paid placement, and with today’s powerful analytics tools, it is easy to create ads and drive traffic inexpensively. Consider starting with Facebook, since the cost is low and it is easy to target your ads to your ideal client. Once you have perfected your sales funnel, you can branch out into more costly ads with a larger reach, such as Google AdWords.

Conclusion/Call to Action

Remember that marketing your new business is essential for success. These 3 marketing strategies will help you get new potential clients, who will have the opportunity to get to know, trust, and like you.

·     Webinars/Teleseminars

·     Content Marketing

·     Paid Advertising

Do not limit yourself to these three marketing methods though. There are dozens of others you can try, including affiliate programs, JV partnerships, automated funnels, and direct mail campaigns. The key is to keep testing and tweaking to make the most of every marketing effort, so that your business continues to grow and achieve the results that you desire.


At My Biz Dream Team, we can show you how to develop an internet lifestyle business that can help you reach your personal and money goals. Check out The Strategic Pathway to Success Program™. Let us show you how to reach your goal of creating a lifestyle and a business that you love! Act today.

 I am Pamela Montgomery, attorney, author, entrepreneur, and speaker, helping you create the life of your dreams as you achieve uncommon results in your business and in your life!



Leave us a comment below to let us know about the different content marketing strategies that you use.



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Marketing: 3 Steps for Greater Visibility

Marketing to Get Attention

Marketing to Get Attention

Marketing: Are You Hiding in Plain Sight?

In this episode of My Biz Dream Team: Opportunity Wednesday Training Series we discuss three marketing tips that will increase your visibility.  These three steps will keep you from hiding in plain sight.  We discuss in detail during this podcast why you need to (1) start a blog and blog regularly; (2) start a podcast series; and (3) learn the basics of social media marketing.

We understand that right now you feel distraught. You just can't seem to figure out how to get started.  There is so much information. None of it, however,  is in a form that is easy to understand and execute. This podcast is different.  We take you step-by-step through the three basic strategies to get you started with your online business.


Step 1: You need a blog

It is our experience and others in this business that you need to start with a blog. This blog is your home on the internet.  This is where your audience will find all the valuable information that you have to offer. You are concerned because the blog is public and free. You may wonder about giving away your content. You must remember that no one will buy from you unless you show them you have something of value. Your prospective client wants to first know that you can solve their problem. Your blog is your opportunity to show your audience that you are a problem solver. Your blog is the first step towards greater visibility. A great book on the strategic value of a blog is Book Blog Broadcast: The Trifecta of Entrepreneurial Success, by Connie Ragen Green. 


Step 2: You need a podcast

In addition to your blog, you will need to start a podcast that is on ITunes. Your prospective client will be searching for relevant information to address an issue. Sometimes people prefer to listen to a short podcast episode. They find it preferable to reading a blog post. the combination of a blog post and a podcast increases your visibility two-fold.  We have prepared a Special Report and Training Guide: The Podcasting Power Playbook that will give you invaluable advice on staring your own podcast series.


Step 3: Learn the “ABCs” of Social Media

The third step for increasing your visibility is to market your podcast and blog posts on social media.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube are all valuable outlets that allow your prospective clients to find your information.  In a recent blog post, we discussed the ABCs of social media for the new entrepreneur. Remember, that they don't know you. Your prospective clients will find you through your content.  Actively participating on the various social media platforms is your third step towards greater visibility.


We would love to hear from you about the strategies we have outlined here.  Please leave us a comment.


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Blog Posts: 3 Tips for Writing a Better Blog Post

Blog Posts


Blog Posts: 3 Tips for Writing a Better Blog Post

Blog posts that disappoint me are everywhere! Have you ever started reading a blog post and had to stop half way through? I know that I have. Blog posts sometimes suffer from 1) misspelled words, 2) blatant selling, and 3) lack of organization. If it is a really bad blog post it has all three problems. When these problems occur your personal branding and professionalism suffer.  So let's talk about how to address these problems in blog posts. When you address these issues you will get more readers.

I. Misspelled Words

Misspelled words in blog posts are  a real pet peeve for me. I must confess that have been known to misspell a few words myself. Oops, just had to correct a misspelled word! My concern is about blog posts where there are 5 misspelled word in a 5 sentence paragraph.  Please do your readers a service by using spell check.  This kind of error could have been caught by simply proof reading your article before publishing.

II. Blatant Selling

Blog posts that blatantly sell products or services are another turnoff for me. If they bother me, it probably bothers your readers also. I understand that you are in business to sell.  But those of us who take time to read for information want you to at least try to share something helpful.  So please leave the blatant selling to your sales copy.  Let your blog posts be places of problem solving.

III. Lack of Organization

Blog posts that lack an organizing principle are confusing to read. Some posts are just a huge blob of print. These types of posts do not use 1) headings; 2) paragraphs; or 3) bullet points. It is very difficult to follow the narrative of the posts without some basic cues about the topic.  Master blogger and best selling author Michael Hyatt  in “Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World” also discusses the need for clear cues in your writing as you move from one topic to the next.


Blog posts often suffer from the following problems:

  • Misspelled words
  • Blatant selling
  • Lack of organization

When a post contains two or three of these problems it is often impossible to read.

To address these issues, remember to:

  • Use spell check and proof read
  • Save the selling for your sales page
  • Remember to provide visual cues in your posts such as paragraphs, heading, and bullet points

In the digital age, all of your content is always available. It hurts your personal branding and professionalism to produce sloppy work.

Let us hear from about your pet peeves in this era of digital marketing.





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How to Shamelessly Promote Your Message

Promote Your Message!

Promote Your Message!

How to Shamelessly Promote Your Message

Are you thinking about how to promote your unique message and capabilities?  If you are not, the people who need and would benefit from your help probably will not find you.  As entrepreneurs, speakers, authors, or small business owners we must be intentional about promoting ourselves.  Otherwise, we are invisible and ineffective!  Certainly you don't want that.  Today, we will share with you three powerful strategies to shamelessly promote your message.

I. Consistently Create and Share Valuable Content

One of the best ways to promote your unique message and capabilities is to consistently create and share for your content.  You noticed we said create and share your content.  Simply publishing valuable content is not sufficient.  You need to promote your content. Go where your potential clients are located.  Are your potential clients on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn?  If so, make sure that your content is seen on those platforms.  Are you an active participant in industry groups and forums?  Are you participating in the conversations about the key issues in you niche?  Let people know who you are.  Shamelessly promote yourself!  This is not the time to be shy.

II.  Produce an Impactful Podcast Series

Another great way to promote your message is to produce a podcast series.  Podcasting is a great way to increase your visibility. A podcast is a great way to promote your valuable message to those who may prefer to learn through listening. A podcast allows you to 1) deepen your relationship your clients; and 2) establish a relationship with new contacts.  By hearing your voice and intonations you make a closer connection with your audience.  Producing a podcast also let's you stand out from the crowd in your niche.  You demonstrate your commitment to your audience by trying to connect with them through a different medium.  Again, let people know what you have to offer that will make them better off!  To find out how to produce an impactful podcast series, grab our Special Report and Training Guide:  The Podcasting Power Playbook.

III.  Write a Substantive Book

Another great way to promote your unique and powerful message is to write a substantive book.  Your book should clearly, concisely, and consistently demonstrate your expertise. Share powerful and meaningful strategies that set you apart from others in your niche! Writing a book enhances your visibility, authority, and  credibility.  Writing a book enhances your status as an expert in your niche. You will be the authority for that topic! It is always a great way to promote your business, when you are introduced as an author!  In your book, you can shamelessly, and relentlessly promote yourself, your product, your message.  Join us in “The My Biz Dream Team Book Writing Challenge.”  You can be a published author in 30-60 days.  Let us show you how!

Bonus!! The first 10 people to signup for “The My Biz Dream Team Book Writing Challenge” will receive a free 20 minute consultation to discuss your plans for your book.

IV.  Conclusion

As an entrepreneur, speaker, author, or small business owner you must be intentional in promoting your message. If you are not consistently engaged in promotion, your unique and powerful message is lost.  Your audience will not find you.  You will be invisible.  This article presents three powerful strategies to shamelessly promote your powerful message to potential clients: 1) create and share valuable content; 2) produce an impactful podcast series; and 3) write a substantive book.

Let us know how you are using  these strategies to promote your business.  Leave a comment below.  We would love to hear from you.





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Take the Mystery Out of WordPress Plugins!

Let's Take the Mystery Out of WordPress Plugins!

Let's Take the Mystery Out of WordPress Plugins!

Take the Mystery Out of WordPress Plugins!

Does the idea of adding plugins to your website scare you? Are you sure which ones to add? Do you even know what plugins are and what they do?

Plugins add functionality to enhance your website. Among other things they can (1) help you reduce spam comments, (2) protect your affiliate links, and (3) provide you data to analyze the effectiveness of your content marketing.

Our Recommendations For Plugins!

I encourage you to get your website up and running if you have not done that yet.  I recommend a WordPress site. You will also need to add a few WP Plugins to enhance the functionality of your site. A great training product on WP Plugins is written by two entrepreneurs who have lots of experience and provide great advice, Adrienne Dupree and Connie Ragen Green. I have used this product and taken their advice.  When you buy Adrienne's and Connie product by Friday, June 17, I will give you as a bonus, a 20 minute consultation with me.  That's a $200 Bonus. So move fast to get Top WP Plugins for Business.

This Course Is Now Available At An  Introductory Price Of Only $10!

They will be raising this price fairly soon as they add more training and information, but wanted to give you the opportunity to get started now to start leveraging your WordPress sites as you build your business online. And, best of all, you’ll be included in all future updates without having to invest another penny!

Our Recommendations to Jumpstart Your Success Mindset

The NBA championships are in full gear!  Will Cleveland continue its comeback after being down 3-1? We will all see tomorrow night.  Well, they are all professionals and giving it their all to be successful.

As entrepreneurs you have to reassess from time to time to decide whether we are giving it our all.

You can jumpstart your success by reading books that help you develop the proper mindset. I highly recommend that you read Darren Hardy’s “The Compound Effect: Jumpstart Your Income, Your Life, Your Success.” Hardy’s premise is that by making seemingly small changes you can have a huge impact on your income, life, and success.  It is an empowering message that I encourage you to read and to make a part of your life. 

More on Content Marketing

We are  continuing our free training program, “My Biz Dream Team: Opportunity Wednesday” this afternoon at 6:00p.m. (Eastern).  Last week’s episode was: “How to Create Content that Your Clients Want. This week’s episode is “How to Get Results from the Content That You Create.”

Join us today!

Your dial in #: 712-775-7035

Pass code: 930599


Creating Valuable Content: 3 Steps to Increase the Benefits to Your Clients

Create Valuable Content, Not Spam!

Creating Valuable Content, Not Spam!

Creating Valuable Content: 3 Steps to Increase the Benefits to Your Clients

Creating valuable content is essential to your success. Content marketing can be quite lonely if nobody reads what you write! Are you the only one reading your blog posts and your email messages.  Well, it may be time to change your strategy.  You may need to get to know your audience better. What problems can you solve for them?  Creating valuable content and  products that provide those solutions in a unique way that is your style will earn you a greater audience. You have to provide your audience with content that is easy to understand and valuable, but uniquely yours!  Remember that value is always from the point of view of your audience and clients.

I.          Content Should Be Easy to Understand

Whether your content is a blog post, information product, or podcast it should be easy to understand. If your product is in writing, it should also be easy to read.  A few key ways of making your writing easy to read and understand are to:

  • Use one main theme per content piece
  • Use subheadings to break up your points
  • Use simple formatting like bullet points, numbers, and short paragraph

II.      Content Should Be Conversational

When you are creating your content, remember to use your personal and unique voice. Write content as if you were talking to a trusted client with whom you have developed a deep relationship. Write and talk like you are having a conversation with a peer or a really good friend. To accomplish this goal, that means you will not be using industry jargon.  You will also clearly explain any new concepts that you introduce.

III.      Content Should Focus on the Needs of Your Clients

When you sit down to create any product, whether in writing, video, or audio, ask yourself one important question: “How is this of benefit to my client?”  You need to be able to answer the question: “Why would or should they pay attention to this?”   If the piece of content does not add value, don’t publish it. Publishing content that does not add value, detracts from your value

Conclusion/Call to Action

Remember that creating valuable content is essential to your success. When you create any content it should (1) be easy to read, (2) conversational, and (3) focus on the needs of your clients.  As you prepare product that meets this criteria, also remember to share personal stories and examples in your content.  You will connect much better with your audience when you have some transparency and authenticity.  Your unique voice and style should shine through in all that you do.

When you need help in finding your voice or creating your valuable content, contact us at My Biz Dream Team.  We would be glad to share our expertise with you.

Leave us a comment below to let us know how you are creating content that your clients value. 


Developing Your Content Plan

What is Your Content Plan?

What is Your Content Plan?

Developing Your Content Plan

Now that you have decided to produce content for your clients, what is your plan? If you have topic ideas, goals and an idea of the different types of formats, then you’re ready to begin creating a winning content plan. Your content plan will help you stay organized, focused on your goals, and productive.
As your business grows it can be difficult to manage and track all of your content – it adds up quickly. A content plan will help you stay on top of everything so you not only don’t miss anything, you’re also able to maximize your content for the best results.  You can let us help you with developing a content plan at My Biz Dream Team.

(1) What Is a Content Plan?

A content plan is quite simply a detailed outline of (1) what you’re going to publish, (2) the goal for the content, and (3) when you’re going to publish it. Your plan may also include:
* Links to include in the content
* Creation notes – Who is creating the content and what do they need? For example, if you hire a ghost writer to create your blog posts.
* Deadlines – When do you need to have topic research completed? When do you want the content uploaded and scheduled on your blog? When do you need to get the graphics from your designer for your report?
* Analytics and Tracking – How will you measure success?

In short, your content plan includes any and all relevant information about your content. There are a few key questions you’ll want to answer before you create your plan.

(2) How to Organize Your Content Plan

Organization – What’s the best format for your content plan? For example, do you work better with pencil and paper? If so, then you can create a written version of your content plan. Prefer digital planning tools? Try an online calendar or content management system.
Length – How far in advance do you want to plan your content? Consider planning at least a month in advance. It’s often better to plan for three months so that you can create a more streamlined approach. However, for some people that can feel like too much. For us, we find planning one month in advance sufficient.
Schedule – When will you review your content plan? This often depends on how you approach creating content. If you create a month’s worth of content in one or two days, then you may only review your plan on a monthly basis. If you create content weekly, then you’ll probably want to review your plan more often.

(3) Conclusion

Begin pulling your topic ideas and notes into a content plan. Decide how to best organize your information. Decide (1) how often you want to publish content, (2) what types of content you want to begin with, and (3) how you’re going to create your content. Will you do it yourself or outsource some content creation?

If you are interested in finding out more about creating a content plan, tune into the next installment of “My Biz Dream Team: Opportunity Wednesday” on June 1 at 6:00 pm. (Eastern). Dial in #: 712-775-7035 Pass Code: 930599
We look forward to having you join the call!


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