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Business Mentor: 3 Reasons You Want One on Your Team

Your Business Mentor has the Key

Your Business Mentor Has the Key

Business Mentor: 3 Reasons You Want One on Your Team

Sometimes I wonder how many mistakes we could have avoided if we had gotten a business mentor sooner. Once we found a mentor, we realized that we would never be without one. A mentor is defined as someone who is a sounding board. Your business mentor helps you navigate through the intangible issues related to your  business.  A business mentor can help you with strategic and sustained business growth and success.


Research by Daniel Goleman, Daniel Boyatzis, and Annie McKee reported in “Primal Leadership: Realizing the Power of Emotional Intelligence,” has shown that cultivating a special relationship with someone whose sole purpose is to help you along your path is crucial to your continuing development as a leader.  A business mentor knows your strengths and weaknesses. She can guide you as you through the steps in your strategic plan for growth. A business mentor can help you to:

  • Avoid  Major Mistakes
  • Build  Your Team
  • Conceptualize Your Future

1. Avoid Major Mistakes

Your business mentor is someone who has already had success in your industry. She can offer expertise and experience. She can tell you about the mistakes that others in your industry have made. Your mentor has been around the block longer and knows the pitfalls well.

Remember to be very intentional in working with your mentor. Share your specific strategies and plans so that she can provide  specific advice.

2. Building Your Team

Building a top flight team is one of the most crucial factors in your success. Your business mentor has connections to others inside and outside of the industry. Your mentor can give you referrals to other professionals you want on your team. People  such as a lawyer, accountant, tax specialist who can help with specific matters.  Your mentor can also help you plan when and how to add others to your in-house team of employees and consultants. Learning how to hire and build a strong organizational culture is key.

Remember to tap into your mentor's vast reservoir of key business connections.


3. Conceptualize Your Future

Your business mentor can help you think about and plan for your future success. As the leader of the company you maybe to focused on the day-to-day operations. You may not be focusing on your thoughts on long-term growth. Your business mentor however can help you think outside of your regular bubble. You may be regularly focused on the $100,000 a year level.  Your business mentor can help you conceptualize your business at the $1 million dollar a year level.  It may be hard for you to imagine such massive success. But your mentor can see and plan that far ahead.

Remember to share freely with your mentor to gain from their vast insights and perspectives.


Closing Thoughts

A good mentor will understand the challenges that you are facing. She will bring to you her vast experience and expertise to bear on the issues that you are facing. Having a mentor will help you grow as a business leader. Your mentor can help you  to:

  • Avoid Massive Mistakes
  • Build Your Team, and
  • Conceptualize Your Future.

As you grow your business consider working with a business mentor. You can work with us to help you navigate the intangibles in your business strategy in “The Strategic Pathway to Success Program.”  Let us mentor you to business growth and success.

Leave a comment below to let us know if you have worked with a mentor before in your business.



How to Be a Recognized Expert

You are the Expert!

You are the Expert!

How to Be a Recognized Expert

Becoming an expert does not happen overnight.  Being recognized as an expert may take even longer. But you can be recognized as an expert by following a few proven steps. These few steps allow you to build credibility, authority, and visibility. As an entrepreneur, speaker, or author you want to be recognized as the leader and expert in your industry.  We buy from those who we believe to be authorities. Building your status as an expert will  have a tremendous impact on your bottom line.  It will also help you attract and keep clients.  This post will discuss three steps you need to take if you want to be recognized as an expert.

Be a Leader

If you want to be recognized as an expert, then you need to see yourself as a leader.  You first have to believe in your own capabilities.  How can anyone else believe in you, if you don't believe in yourself?  So begin with self-confidence.

You need to read, learn, and master your area.  Become confident in your knowledge. As you gain new knowledge you will feel more self-confident and self-assured.

One great way to become  a leader is to educate others.  As your knowledge and confidence grows, you can create information products, publish books, and produce other materials.  As you share what you know, the positive feedback will be a great confidence booster.

Having given hundreds of presentation over the years, I understand the tremendous benefits of positioning yourself as an expert.

Be Professional

If you want to be recognized as an expert, you need to present yourself in a professional manner. I don't mean you have to wear a suit and a tie!  But you should make sure that you look and sound like an expert.  For example, be careful with the language that you use.  Whether it is talking on the phone, responding to an email, writing a blog post or other content, you want to use proper language.  Don't fall into the trap of using jargon or tech talk.  You want to be clearly understood.

Your photos and images should reflect your professionalism. On social media make sure that your posts are business related. Sometimes I like to share a few life-style posts.  But make sure that any posts are congruent with the professional image that you are trying to convey.  Remember to not over share. Your audience will look at your social media to see who you are. If you don't want them to see the pictures from the beach vacation, don't post them. After all, you are the expert.  Don't confuse your clients or prospective client with a confusing image of who you are!

Be Honest and Humble

If you want to be recognized as an expert, you need to be honest about who you are.  Don't take on a fake personality or persona. Learn to connect with people in a genuine manner. People are looking for authenticity.  If you are not being “real,” people will pick up on it.  Additionally, it is very difficult to maintain a fake persona.  Eventually you will get tired. Or far worse, you will get found out. It is far easier to be yourself.

Part of being honest about who you are is being transparent. You should strive to be honest about who you are and what you know.  One excellent way of being transparent is to openly admit what you don't know. It has happened to me on many occasions. When I did not know an answer to a particular question, I admitted it and offered to get back to them with a response. It is much better to openly admit when you don't know the answer than to give an incorrect answer. I could see my credibility with the room increase, as I honestly handled a very difficult question.


With a few proven steps you can position yourself as an expert in your market.  You may not be recognized as an expert overnight, but buy following these three steps you position yourself as a respected authority: (1) Be a Leader; (2) Be Professional; and (3) Be Honest and Humble.  By following these three steps you set yourself up for lasting success.

To find out more about setting a solid foundation for your business success  go to My Biz Dream Team.  We work with entrepreneurs, speakers, and authors to help them get visibility, credibility, and authority.  We can help you achieve uncommon results!



The Power of Using Teamwork In Your Business

The Power of Teamwork

The Power of Teamwork

Teamwork is about partnership!  It is a partnership that allows you to reach your goals faster. Having the power of a team allows you to leverage the abilities of others to work toward common goals. The different perspectives of many people working in collaboration with each other can lead to extraordinary success. 

The Power of Teamwork in Business

History is full of evidence demonstrating the power of teamwork.  Let me make my case.  For example, there is Thomas Edison and his team of scientists and innovators working together at Menlo Park. They created the electric light bulb, movie picture camera, sound recording and many other inventions. These inventions have given us the comforts of the modern world. Thomas Edison’s name is on more than 1000 patents. However, it was his ability to leverage the abilities of a team that allowed him to create the modern research laboratory.  

Next, let’s look at Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak working together to create Apple computers.  Then there is Bill Gates and Paul Allen at Microsoft.  These giants of industry started with a dream and used the power of teamwork to make their dreams a reality.

These are but a few examples of the power of teamwork in business!

 Are You Using the Power of Teamwork in Your Business?

As you begin or grow your business, you want to move quickly past the “solopreneur” stage.  History has taught us that nothing of significance is achieved alone. You must bring in other people to help you achieve anything of significance. You must have a business dream team!  Once you begin to add people to your team, you will need a project manager.  A project manager will know how everything fits.  At first you will be the project manager, but eventually you will need someone else to run the operations.  The project manager allows you to work on your business rather than in your business. The project manager is like the conductor in a symphony or the director of the play.  She coordinates everyone else’s work.  She makes sure that everything runs smoothly and your business is a well-run machine.  The project manager is at the center of your business dream team.  

If you are interested in learning more about building a great team I highly recommend that you read “The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork: Embrace Them and Empower Your Team, by John Maxwell.  You can also download a pdf training package that we have created: “The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Business Dream Team.” This training will put you on the fast track to success.


If you do not have a business dream team, you should!  Nothing of significance is ever achieved alone.  History is replete with evidence of the success achieved with business dream teams.   

Who is on your business dream team?  Please comment below.


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Determination: 3 – Part Strategy for Success

Determination: Don't Stop Now!

Determination: Don't Stop Now!

Determination is an important characteristic of a successful entrepreneur or small business owner. Determination is defined as, “firmness of purpose; resolve.”  As an entrepreneur or small business owner your determination is tested daily.  When your client does not show up for an appointment you wonder if it is it really worth it. When your assistant forgets to give you an important message you wonder if one more thing could possibly go wrong! But to be successful, you must show determination and remain firm in your desire for your business.  This article discusses three key strategies that we and other successful entrepreneurs have found to be helpful in maintaining our determination.

Remember Your Why

Determination can wither without a strong enough reason to continue.  As an entrepreneur or small business owner you must remind yourself of why are you in business.  You need to go beyond the surface reason:  To make money!  There are easier ways to make money than starting a business.  So dig deep and remember that vision you had for your business.  Remember the passion that you had for your clients that you wanted to serve.  Remember the legacy that you wanted to leave for your family.  When your determination starts to falter, you need to remember your WHY!  Your WHY will give you the courage, strength, and determination to continue.  

Learn from Your Mistakes

You will need determination when you fail to deliver a product on time or your meeting just did not go well. Now you can’t quit, but rather learn from what went wrong.  A successful business owner does not quit when things don’t quite right. You figure out what went wrong, adjust, and then adapt. Your ability to think, be flexible, and resilient will serve you in the long run.  You have to keep moving. We remember missing the deadline to our editor for our first book.  We were devastated because we had committed to having it done in 10 weeks.  Instead, it took us 6 months.  We were determined not to give up.  We had some technical difficulty with the recording device, made the correction, and completed the book. We were overjoyed at the accomplishment.  If we had lost our determination, we would have missed the opportunity to share our strategies with hundreds of other entrepreneurs. Our success was right around the corner.

Focus on What is Really Important: Take Action

Your determination may falter when the bills begin to pile up and yet you see no income.  You begin to wonder if the sacrifices in time, money, self-esteem are worth it. After all you have been successful in other areas of life. Why doesn’t this seem to be working? Your self-image is on the line!  We can understand! That is when you have to dig deep within yourself and focus on what is most important right now! Take one little step on a key priority to gain momentum.  Then another and another!    Keep moving ahead no matter what. Make a phone call. Write one paragraph. Delegate a task to your team. Get something done right now!  You will eventually  develop those habits of determination that will serve to make you a successful entrepreneur.


As you can see, determination is a key trait of a successful entrepreneur that can be developed by (1) remembering why you are in business; (2) learning from your mistakes; and (3) focusing on what is really important.  Sometimes everything seems to go wrong and you are tempted to quit. But your success could be right around the corner. So remember to take action each day on your business. By following these three strategies you can develop the habits of determination that will propel your success. 


Have you ever faced a situation when your determination wilted? How did you keep going? Please share with our community on My Biz Dream Team.




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