Content Strategy: Your Goals and Plans Episode 6:2

Developing a Content Strategy is Key to Your Success!

Developing a Content Strategy is Key to Your Success!

Content Strategy: Your Goals and Plans

Developing a content strategy is one of the basic aspects of building a business. It doesn’t matter whether your business is online or offline.

Earlier this week in my Mastermind Group my mentor challenged us to decide once and for all whether we were serious or not.  My mentor wanted to know, “Is this a hobby or is this a business?” I am making this same challenge to you.

If you are serious about building a business, you need to understand content strategy.  Otherwise your content marketing may not reach your target audience. Content marketing is how your prospective clients find you. Otherwise you are invisible and out of business.  Do you want to be invisible?  I didn’t think so?  So what is your content strategy for reaching your audience?

What is Content?

So let’s begin with a basic question, “what is content?”  Content is whatever your business puts out into the world to (1) market; (2) advertise; and (3) share.  Blog posts are content. Email messages are content. The twitter tweets and Pinterest pins you share are and post are content. Quite simply, content is ultimately the foundation of your business.  Your content is how you will build a strong and loyal client base and how you provide value to the world.

What is Content Marketing?

If you are serious about being a business owner you need to know that content is the message and medium you use to communicate with prospects and clients.  Content marketing therefore is using content to market to your audience of prospects and clients.  It is the practice of creating and distributing or publishing content to attract, engage, and convert your target audience into trusting clients.

Your business dream team can help you with content marketing.  You may need a virtual assistant to help you with social media aspects, if that is not your strength.  You may also want to contract with a ghostwriter, if you want to write a book.  There are several professionals available to help you to create a business of significance that helps establish your legacy. To find out more about building your business dream team, you should consider buying our training program “The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Business Dream Team.”

Free Training: “My Biz Dream Team: Opportunity Wednesday”: Content Strategy

Above is a recent episode of “My Biz Dream Team: Opportunity Wednesday” where I give a brief presentation on content strategy. I discuss how you must  (1) set the goals for your content and (2) develop your content plan.  

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