Income: Making Money with Affiliate Marketing

Income: Making Money with Affiliate Marketing

Income: Making Money with Affiliate Marketing

Income: Making Money with Affiliate Marketing

As a new entrepreneur getting started building an online business, you want to start generating income.  You may have heard all about working from home on your computer using the internet to earn income. This article will discuss one way that you can begin earning income from your new online business. We will discuss  affiliate marketing. You can begin making money with affiliate marketing while you are still working and making that transition to becoming a full-time entrepreneur. As with any business, you need to understand your prospective client so that you can recommend products and services that they need and want.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

There are many ways to earn money online. One of the most lucrative ways is to become an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing is the process of recommending and promoting other people's products. You receive a percentage of the sales. As an affiliate marketer you can promote products on your blog, website, social media accounts, and in email.  To begin as an affiliate marketer, you need to search for businesses that have affiliate programs for products that your prospective clients need and want. You need to join the program and then start promoting. You can find out more about affiliate marketing by listening to this recent podcast: How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing


What Types of Products Should I Promote?

You can promote both digital information products and physical products. We recommend that you promote products that you use and love.  You can search affiliate networks like or for digital information products that would be relevant to your clients.  For physical products, for example,  you can become an affiliate for Amazon, Walmart, and Target.  Remember,  Amazon also sells information products: books.


How Should I Promote Affiliate Products?

Many people think that it is easier to promote other people's product rather than creating your own products. We think this is an excellent  way to begin your online business. However, your goal is to create your own products. Eventually you want to have your own affiliate program. For now, you should concentrate on promoting the products that you use and love. You want to promote products that your clients need and want. You want to focus on quality products. You should explain to your prospective client why this particular product will be helpful to them.

You will use your website, blog, social media, and email  to share your recommendations with your prospective clients. As you get to know your audience through your various marketing channels, you will get a better idea of the types of products to promote.

We recently conducted an interview with our mentor Connie Ragen Green. Connie is known as the “Queen of Affiliate Marketing.” Listen to this interview to learn Connie's strategies for generating income from affiliate marketing.

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