Creating Valuable Content: 3 Steps to Increase the Benefits to Your Clients

Create Valuable Content, Not Spam!

Creating Valuable Content, Not Spam!

Creating Valuable Content: 3 Steps to Increase the Benefits to Your Clients

Creating valuable content is essential to your success. Content marketing can be quite lonely if nobody reads what you write! Are you the only one reading your blog posts and your email messages.  Well, it may be time to change your strategy.  You may need to get to know your audience better. What problems can you solve for them?  Creating valuable content and  products that provide those solutions in a unique way that is your style will earn you a greater audience. You have to provide your audience with content that is easy to understand and valuable, but uniquely yours!  Remember that value is always from the point of view of your audience and clients.

I.          Content Should Be Easy to Understand

Whether your content is a blog post, information product, or podcast it should be easy to understand. If your product is in writing, it should also be easy to read.  A few key ways of making your writing easy to read and understand are to:

  • Use one main theme per content piece
  • Use subheadings to break up your points
  • Use simple formatting like bullet points, numbers, and short paragraph

II.      Content Should Be Conversational

When you are creating your content, remember to use your personal and unique voice. Write content as if you were talking to a trusted client with whom you have developed a deep relationship. Write and talk like you are having a conversation with a peer or a really good friend. To accomplish this goal, that means you will not be using industry jargon.  You will also clearly explain any new concepts that you introduce.

III.      Content Should Focus on the Needs of Your Clients

When you sit down to create any product, whether in writing, video, or audio, ask yourself one important question: “How is this of benefit to my client?”  You need to be able to answer the question: “Why would or should they pay attention to this?”   If the piece of content does not add value, don’t publish it. Publishing content that does not add value, detracts from your value

Conclusion/Call to Action

Remember that creating valuable content is essential to your success. When you create any content it should (1) be easy to read, (2) conversational, and (3) focus on the needs of your clients.  As you prepare product that meets this criteria, also remember to share personal stories and examples in your content.  You will connect much better with your audience when you have some transparency and authenticity.  Your unique voice and style should shine through in all that you do.

When you need help in finding your voice or creating your valuable content, contact us at My Biz Dream Team.  We would be glad to share our expertise with you.

Leave us a comment below to let us know how you are creating content that your clients value. 

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