Determination: 3 – Part Strategy for Success

Determination: Don't Stop Now!

Determination: Don't Stop Now!

Determination is an important characteristic of a successful entrepreneur or small business owner. Determination is defined as, “firmness of purpose; resolve.”  As an entrepreneur or small business owner your determination is tested daily.  When your client does not show up for an appointment you wonder if it is it really worth it. When your assistant forgets to give you an important message you wonder if one more thing could possibly go wrong! But to be successful, you must show determination and remain firm in your desire for your business.  This article discusses three key strategies that we and other successful entrepreneurs have found to be helpful in maintaining our determination.

Remember Your Why

Determination can wither without a strong enough reason to continue.  As an entrepreneur or small business owner you must remind yourself of why are you in business.  You need to go beyond the surface reason:  To make money!  There are easier ways to make money than starting a business.  So dig deep and remember that vision you had for your business.  Remember the passion that you had for your clients that you wanted to serve.  Remember the legacy that you wanted to leave for your family.  When your determination starts to falter, you need to remember your WHY!  Your WHY will give you the courage, strength, and determination to continue.  

Learn from Your Mistakes

You will need determination when you fail to deliver a product on time or your meeting just did not go well. Now you can’t quit, but rather learn from what went wrong.  A successful business owner does not quit when things don’t quite right. You figure out what went wrong, adjust, and then adapt. Your ability to think, be flexible, and resilient will serve you in the long run.  You have to keep moving. We remember missing the deadline to our editor for our first book.  We were devastated because we had committed to having it done in 10 weeks.  Instead, it took us 6 months.  We were determined not to give up.  We had some technical difficulty with the recording device, made the correction, and completed the book. We were overjoyed at the accomplishment.  If we had lost our determination, we would have missed the opportunity to share our strategies with hundreds of other entrepreneurs. Our success was right around the corner.

Focus on What is Really Important: Take Action

Your determination may falter when the bills begin to pile up and yet you see no income.  You begin to wonder if the sacrifices in time, money, self-esteem are worth it. After all you have been successful in other areas of life. Why doesn’t this seem to be working? Your self-image is on the line!  We can understand! That is when you have to dig deep within yourself and focus on what is most important right now! Take one little step on a key priority to gain momentum.  Then another and another!    Keep moving ahead no matter what. Make a phone call. Write one paragraph. Delegate a task to your team. Get something done right now!  You will eventually  develop those habits of determination that will serve to make you a successful entrepreneur.


As you can see, determination is a key trait of a successful entrepreneur that can be developed by (1) remembering why you are in business; (2) learning from your mistakes; and (3) focusing on what is really important.  Sometimes everything seems to go wrong and you are tempted to quit. But your success could be right around the corner. So remember to take action each day on your business. By following these three strategies you can develop the habits of determination that will propel your success. 


Have you ever faced a situation when your determination wilted? How did you keep going? Please share with our community on My Biz Dream Team.



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