Finding the Highest Best Purpose for Your Life

Finding the Highest Best Purpose for Your Life

Finding the Highest Best Purpose for Your Life

Finding the Highest Best Purpose for Your Life

Finding the highest best purpose for your life sounds like a daunting task. Why would you even bother? Because you may be one of those persons who has dutifully done everything that you were told to do. You got good grades, a good education, and a good job. But now you feel like you are “living for the weekend.”  

Where is the satisfaction, passion, and fun in your life and career?

I felt that way after many years working in a job that no longer challenged me or gave me joy. I had stayed there too long.

Like me, you may be thinking about leaving your 9-5 job. You may wonder “what do I do next.”  This article will discuss the first step that you can take that will lead you to finding the highest purpose for your life.

Imagine If…

Start by brainstorming what you would love to do, if money were no object. You have enough money to cover your expenses and some left over for fun. This is a list of possibilities. Do not filter yourself.  

How would you spend your days, if you had the freedom to spend your days any way you wanted to?

Would you:

  • Shop?
  • Paint glorious watercolors?
  •  Go back to college and earn a degree in art history?
  • Travel the world?
  • Rescue animals?
  • Work with abused women?
  • Plant a garden?

If you get stuck, think about what you do on weekends and holidays. Nearly everyone looks forward to relaxing and enjoying their favorite activities after the workweek is done. What are the activities you most enjoy?

The purpose of this exercise is not to make a realistic list of business opportunities, but rather to make a list of possibilities, so do not censor yourself. Write down whatever pops into your head without considering if you can make money with it, whether you will love it forever, or even if you have the skills or talent for it.

That is, after all, what brainstorming is all about. Unfiltered ideas. We will sort them out later.

Conclusion/Call to Action

Take this exercise seriously. This is the first step to finding your highest best purpose for your life. During the next few days, I will share with you a few other actions that you can take to help bring you clarity about your purpose. 

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