How to Select High Value Programs to Promote

Select High Value Products to Promote

Select High Value Programs to Promote

How to Select High Value Programs to Promote

It is important to select high value programs to promote, if you want success in affiliate marketing.  First, you must determine whether your audience will find the program is of high value. Remember that perceived value is in the eye of your potential client. This article discusses the process that you should use to select high value affiliate programs to promote.

Key Questions to Consider in Selecting High Value Programs

Consider these three questions when selecting high value programs:

  1. What Does Your Audience Want to Buy?
  2. What Are Your Competitors Selling?
  3. What Problems Can You Solve for Your Audience?


After you have asked yourself these three questions, then conduct the research necessary to answer the questions. You can then use that information to start your search for affiliate programs to promote. As you discover products, you should buy them and use them first, before promoting to your clients.  Try this approach whether it is a digital product or a physical product. It is important to have real experience with products that you want to promote.

Where to Find High Value Programs to Promote

You can find affiliate programs through networks like Commission Junction, or  You can also find self-run affiliate programs where  individuals  promote their products using an affiliate program run through their shopping cart like Nanacast,, or

If you are currently using a program that you love, and that you think will work for your audience, then you can contact the product creator directly to find out if they have an affiliate program. Sometimes you can find a link to their affiliate program on their web site. Try looking in the footer. Some other terms used for affiliates are “partners,” “associates” and “resellers”.

When you find potential products to promote you want to also look at what the product creator offers affiliates in terms of

(1) commission,

(2) sales support, and

(3) how they perform at customer service.

Even though you will send your customer to their site to buy, the product creator will be providing customer service for the product, not you. Therefore, it is important to know how they handle client issues, problems, and returns.


Key Questions to Consider Before You Make Your Selection


  1. How much commission do you get for each sale?

Understanding how much you can make from each sale is important because it costs money and time to promote a product. If you are only going to make a dollar on each sale, it needs to cost you much less than a dollar to get that sale.

  1. When is, the commission paid and how?

All products pay different amounts in commission. Some programs have incentives for selling more products. The typical rate for a digital product is a lot higher than for a physical product. It is common to see 50 to 80 percent commission rates for digital products. You typically see only 20 percent or less for physical products.

  1. What happens if there are product returns?

Most of the time, if something is returned the affiliate is responsible for the money. That is why most affiliate programs pay out after the guarantee time.  Other affiliate programs pay immediately. However, when a return happens you must pay back your commission. In those situations, therefore, it is wise not to spend your commission immediately.

  1. How are you permitted to market the products?

Some programs have  many rules and regulations about how their products are marketed. Be sure to read the fine print so that you know to market their product following their rules.

  1. What tools (like graphics) does the creator offer its affiliates to help with marketing?

Many independent affiliate programs are run very professionally. They will offer art work, private label content that you can edit, and even webinars and other promotions to help you make the sale. Go with programs that offer more to their affiliates and you will be able to promote easier. Affiliate programs such as Lead Magnets offer great support for private label content.

Knowing the answers to these questions can help you determine if it is a product you want to take the time to promote.  If the numbers do not work out, then you want to move on to another product.


Almost any person can earn money through affiliate marketing, if you promote high value programs. Answering several key questions will help you determine if the program that you are considering is high value to your audience. Remember that you must:

(1) have knowledge about the niche,

(2) understand your competition,

(3) choose the right products that solve problems for your audience at a price that the audience can afford and is willing to pay.

In just a couple of hours a day, you can build a business that can give you freedom you never thought possible.

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