Learn to Build Your Business Dream Team

Building Your Business Dream Team!

Build Your Business Dream Team and Have More Fun!

Watch Rescue Impossible, Nightmare Hell!

You can learn important lessons about building a business dream team from watching reality television. Some of our favorite television shows are Kitchen Nightmares, Hell’s Kitchen, Bar Rescue and Hotel Impossible. These shows are so popular because people like us enjoy all the drama. Some of these businesses are on the verge of failure. Then experts like Chef Gordon Ramsay come in and save the day.  Although these shows are very entertaining, they also teach us some important lessons on business: You need to work on your business instead of in your business. Otherwise you have a job rather than a business.

Important Business Lessons

Most of the entrepreneurs and business owners on these shows suffer from the typical bad business disease. They try to do everything themselves. On one recent episode of Kitchen Nightmares, the restaurant owner was the manager, the chef, the accountant, the cleaning person, and the host. No wonder, his business was failing! He was trying to do everything and ended up not being good at anything.   

The business owner had not learned to delegate! He did not have a team.We had the same problem when we started our business. We  quickly learned from our mistakes. Now we have the time and money to enjoy the fruits of our success. For example, we can enjoy eating lunch at Chef Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant in Las Vegas! Our business continues to operate when we are not there because of “The Business Dream Team™” we have put in place. 

Build a Business Dream Team

Learning to build a dynamic business dream team is the difference between having your business run on automatic pilot and having your business require you to be there to run it.  When we learned the secrets of how to build “The Business Dream Team™” our business took off like a rocket.  We can now spend more time on marketing and building our business while enjoying the fruits of our success.

In an effort to help our clients achieve greater levels of success, we decided to create a program to show other business owners how to build a dynamic business dream team. The program is called,The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Business Dream Team™” .  


As you can see, these reality programs can teach an entrepreneur invaluable lessons about the importance of building a business dream team. It is necessary for your success to build a business dream team. Delegating certain tasks not only makes you more productive, it multiplies your success. If want to build a business and not give yourself  job, building a business dream team and learning to delegate is essential.

So don’t work in your business, build strong relationships, and learn to delegate to your team. Then you can start to see results, make your business even more successful, and create the life of your dreams!


Have you started to build your business dream team? Share your experiences with the community here at My Biz Dream Team.   We would love to hear from you.



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