Internships: A Great Way to Build Your Business Dream Team

Internships work!

Internships work!

Internships are a great way to build your business dream team. An internship program ensures that your business dream team members run your business exactly the way you train them to. Internships allow you to train the interns yourself – and pick the cream of the crop. You may want to contact a few of the local colleges in your area. They are always looking for ways to give their students practical experience. This post will provide three strategies on setting up internships for your business.

How to Set Up Internships

If you decide to set up a program for internships, then you need to know that there are legal as well as ethical obligations to your interns.  Your program has to have a structure, with measurable goals for the intern. The program has to be created for their benefit – you can’t just use them as unpaid labor (not that you’d want to, of course).  In many cases, interns are entitled to minimum wage. If the interns aren’t simply shadowing people, but performing actual work they should be paid.  Perhaps they may able to earn college credits also!  A great book about the benefits of internships for students is “All Work, No Pay: Finding an Internship, Building Your Resume, Making Connections, and Gaining Job Experience” by Lauren Berger

It’s up to you to do due diligence if you want to create meaningful internships.  Just remember that if you want your interns simply to do tasks for free, period, that is not an internship – and you won’t create a Business Dream Team that way!


Be Sure to Ask for Recommendations

Ask the students to provide references from their professors or previous employers. I also like to look at a transcript to see the student’s grades. You don’t want an intern who does not have time to work. You also don’t want an intern who should be studying. Any intern worth her salt has an interest in your business. She also has the capacity to add value.

Don’t be casual with your interview process for internships. Check every reference and screen your potential intern carefully.

Create a “Internships” Page on Your Website

The best way to attract the right candidates for your internships is to post your job needs!  Treat internships like any other job position in your business.

Put in detail:

•      Who you are looking for

•      What position you want her to fill

•      What experience and skills you need her to possess

•      What you need in hours, skills and commitment

•      How to apply

•      What to expect

You should also include any other pertinent information that you think will attract the perfect internship program candidate for you.  There is not one perfect person for a position. You are looking for the person who fits your needs now!  Those needs may change over time. In the beginning, you may want an intern for 2-4 hours a week until your business expands.



Creating an internship program is a great way to build your business dream team.  You train the student they way you want them to work in your business.  It is important to attract the right candidates for your internship program.  You need to carefully screen them to make sure that you find the person who fits your needs now!

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