Is Your Money Mindset Keeping You Broke?

Is Your Money Mindset Keeping You Broke?

Is Your Money Mindset Keeping You Broke?

Is Your Money Mindset Keeping You Broke

Your money mindset is often the difference between prosperity and hardship. Do you realize that the stories that you tell yourself about money could be holding you back from the success that you desire?  This episode of My Biz Dream Team: Opportunity Wednesday Training Series looks at how your money mindset may be standing in the way of your prosperity and keeping you broke.

What is Your Money Story?

In this episode, we discuss two typical money stories that may be stopping your prosperity.  One money story is the “Doomed” story. In this story, you are cursed never to have any money because your entire family is cursed with bad luck when it comes to money. You are “the victim” of someone’s bad luck or bad deeds. Does this sound familiar?

The next money story that may be standing in the way of your prosperity is the “Evil Money” story. In this story, you tell yourself that having money is bad. You do not deserve the good things of life. You tell yourself repeatedly that money is evil. Does this sound familiar?

If you take a close look at that often misquoted verse (1Timothy 6:10) it says: “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.”  In context, the quote is about those who are tempted by riches and make foolish decisions that lead to their ruin. Unfortunately, some people may become so afraid of materialism, they often go the other way. They often create money stories that do not allow them to provide for their families’ basic needs.

Katherine Keller, in her insightful article in Entrepreneur magazine “5 Beliefs that Keep You Broke,” highlights how those beliefs may be keeping you from using your energy “towards creativity, peace, joy, happiness, the ability to solve problems, or to feel that [you] have control over [y]our [life].”

Create a Money Mindset that Brings You Prosperity!

The Truth About Money

Do you know the truth about money? Money is a tool. It is a tool that you can use to create the freedom to give. Money is a tool to give you freedom to help others when help is most needed. Instead of giving out of guilt, it is much more effective to give out of a feeling of empowerment. It is more effective to renew the well, so that the more you give, the more you receive. That is what creating a strong, positive financial story allows you to do.

Once you understand that money is a tool that you can use to shape your world, then you can begin to remove the blocks to your prosperity.

Changing Your Money Mindset

It does not matter which type of negative money mindset that you have. If it leaves you feeling financially fearful and disempowered, it is a money story you need to change.

Your money mindset will shape how you view your business and the decisions that you will make. Will you decide out of fear or out of power?

Listen to the podcast as we discuss the seven symptoms that show that you are prosperity blocked and doomed to stay broke if you do not change!


I am Pamela Montgomery, attorney, author, entrepreneur, and speaker who helps you create the life of your dreams as you achieve uncommon results in your business and in your life!








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