Negative People: How to Protect Yourself From Them

Negative People: How to Protect Yourself from Them

Negative People: Stay Away From Them

Negative People: Stay Away From Them

Negative people seem to be everywhere. They are always around to criticize you. The negative people are always ready to tell you that your dream is not possible. This episode of My Biz Dream Team: Opportunity Wednesday Training Series is all about dealing with the negative people in your life. We address how to handle their negative comments and lack of support. We also explore strategies to help you feel and think positively.

  1. Keep Positive People Close to You

    If a negative person has made a nasty comment to you, shake it off. Then you need to call on a close friend. If that negative comment directly affects your mood, you could easily turn sour and bitter. Pretty soon your entire day has spiraled out of control. Rather than sulk and replay the negative comment over and over again in your mind, you should call a friend. Call that person who encourages you. Do not be ashamed of your bad mood. Grab your friend. Talk to them about the issue.  Then you need to let it go.

  2. Keep the Negative People Out of Your Bubble

    Sometimes the negative people are your family members. So you may not be able to rid yourself of all the negative people in your life.  But you can keep them outside of your protective bubble. Your protective bubble is that mental space  where you keep your mind, soul, spirit, and dreams safe from the naysayers. Only your supporters are allowed inside the bubble. If you are still working, and operating your business part-time, you may have negative co-workers. You must learn to keep them at a distance. You can not afford to let their negative vibe into your bubble.

  3. Just Keep Smiling

    Nothing upsets negative people as much as seeing you happy. So no matter how you may be feeling in the moment, let those haters know that they cannot get you down. Laugh if off. Smile at them.  Smiling releases serotonin. You will begin to feel better. It will lift your mood. You will begin to feel positive. To lift your mood even more, try playing some dance music. Pretty soon you will be dancing across the floor of your office.


Remember that there will always be haters around who are jealous of your success and envious of your desire to create a different lifestyle. You must protect yourself with your bubble. Surround yourself with positive people. And remember to keep smiling and dancing!

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