Personal Branding Builds Your Authority


Personal Brands Builds Your Authority!

Personal Branding Builds Your Authority!

Personal Branding Builds Your Authority

Personal branding happens with every action that you take as you engage with your audience. Every email, every post, every tweet says something about you as a person.  It makes an impression! What impression are you making?  If you allow your personality to come through it can help brand you and your business. This article discusses several ways that you can allow your personality to shine and why it is so important to developing your personal brand.

Your Photo is Part of Your Brand

You may not realize it, but your photo is part of your brand. The professional headshot or photograph of you that you use on your website says a lot about your personality. By using your own picture, rather than a carton or icon, people get to connect with you as person and as an authority figure.

Remember to use the same photo or one that is similar in all your marketing. This provides consistency for your brand. You don't want your audience guessing whether it is you or not.  We like to use our photo on all our information products. It helps to gain familiarity and to build the authority of our brand. Research has shown that humans respond emotionally to faces.  So put a smile on your face and let your audience know that you are an authority.

Use Audio and Video to Build Your Personal Brand

There are so many opportunities available now for your audience to hear your voice and see you in action.  The growth of  video marketing is astounding. So many people have become famous from YouTube videos that we have stopped counting. So do you have a YouTube channel where you showcase your personality?  Video gives you the opportunity to share both your voice and your image with your potential clients.  That is very powerful! Live streaming on Periscope and Facebook are also available. A recent newspaper article stated that most Face Book posts will be video in a few years. Currently video posts get the most engagement.

Another outlet for your personality is an audio podcast. While a podcast doesn't allow you the advantage of sharing your authoritative face, you can share your voice. The sound of your voice and its intonations allow your audience to feel more connected to you. How you speak can have a huge impact on how your audience views you.  So consider starting a podcast to boost your visibility and authority.  Try the Special Report and Training Guide: The Podcasting Power Playbook to help you produce an impactful podcast series.

Personal Branding Helps You to Stand Out in a Crowd

In a world filled with so much information competing for our attention,  as an entrepreneur you must look for ways to be different. Personal branding is the difference. There is no one exactly like you! Allow your audience to get to know you and understand how you can be of service.  As you brand yourself with your content, pictures, posts, and videos you build up your authority status.

Connie Ragen Green said in a recent post on the topic of personal branding:

“Not only will potential clients remember you better, it’ll also be easier for them to tell others about you. Then you’ll be viewed as an authority in your field, all because you took the time to work on your branding.

But this is only the beginning. As you become more well-known, your ideal clients will become more attracted to you. You won’t have to spend as much time marketing because your customers will naturally flock to you. When this began to happen in my business I was overjoyed and my confidence soared.”    

We couldn't agree more that that by using personal branding to build your authority your business will grow. Your ideal clients will find you through word of mouth referrals based on the strength of your authority.


As an entrepreneur building your business, remember that your personality is part of your brand. Whenever you communicate with your prospective clients  your personality shows. What does your communication say about you? Make sure that your writing, photos, audios, and videos showcase your personality in the best possible light.  All of these communications can boost your authority and build your business.

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