Profit from Your Blog: 11 Smart Ideas that You Can Use Today

Profit from Your Blog

Profit from Your Blog

Profit from Your Blog:  11 Smart Ideas that You Can Use Today

You can profit from your blog if you follow these 11 smart ideas that you can start using today. Remember that you need to stand out from the crowd. You need to spread the word about your business and drive traffic to it. You also need to market your blog. This article provides you with 11 smart ideas that you can start using today that will show you how to profit from your blog.

1. Target a Specific Group with Your Content

Determine who your specific demographic is. Is that demographic female or male? Married or single? Live in the city? Have a college education? Write specifically to them.

2. Be Original and Honest

Be a leader by posting original content. Do not post the same old news.  Instead give your audience your slant on a common topic. Make sure that you are truthful by verifying facts and providing links to additional resources and verification.

3.  Dare to Be Different

Just like in a newspaper or magazine, controversy sells. Be prepared to participate in conversations with others that disagree with you.

4. Post as a Guest Blogger

Submit high-quality, relevant pieces of writing to prestigious blogs in your niche.

5. Market on Social Media

Participate in social media channels. Post on Twitter. share images, information and videos on Facebook. Let your readers know about your new posts.

  • Use Twitter to connect with other interesting people.
  • Use Pinterest to show your story through images.
  • Use Instagram to show the behind the scenes of your blog or show your daily routine.
  • Post daily to Facebook to appear frequently in your fans news feed.

6. Teach, do not Oversell

Offer solutions for reader problems and other information not only about your blog but other sites as well.

7. Use Long Tail Keywords

Narrow the focus of the keywords that you are using. Use long tail keyword terms and phrases that your readers are       searching for.

8. Brand Yourself

People are interested in other people before they become interested in products or services that you offer. Become known for what you do by sharing your story. For more on branding, read our recent blog post, Be Different: Increase Your Perceived Value.

9. Create Regular Content

Content can be written posts, eBooks, videos or some other form of content. You should aim to blog 2-3 times a week. For some great ideas for your blog posts read, Blog Checklist: 15 Ideas for Next Blog 

 10.  Build an Email List

Offer a free download or other information related to your topic.

11.  Send Regular Blog Updates

Let the subscribers to your blog know about your updates. Get them actively engaged sharing and commenting on your blog posts.

Call to Action

Remember to take consistent daily action to profit from your blog. You can implement these 11 smart ideas today. As you build your audience and consistently market to them, you too can begin to profit from your blog.

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