Selling Information Products On the Internet

Selling Information Products on the Internet

Information Products

Selling Information Products On the Internet


Selling information products is a great way to leverage the power of the internet to earn passive income. As you know, selling information products is not a new idea. People have been selling information products (books) for hundreds of years.  The internet has now caused an explosion of information products to be released. People want knowledge. People want their problems solved. Selling information products on the internet is a lucrative business. In this article we share tips on how you can get started earning passive income selling information products on the internet.

Your Knowledge is Power.

The knowledge and experience that you have gained over the years can be powerful tool. With the right direction and guidance you could harness your ingenuity to help others. Now is your time to share your valuable knowledge and expertise.

We began making money with information products about four years ago. We found that writing and selling a book was a perfect way to become a recognized authority. But remember, your information product does not have to be a full-length book.  We advise our clients at My Biz Dream Team to consider selling information products to generate income.  Our two most recent information products: Special Report and Training Guide: The Podcasting Power Playbook and Special Report and Training Guide: The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Business Dream Team are great examples of using personal experience and expertise to create information products.

Selling information products is a perfect way to add a passive stream of revenue to your business. You create your product once. You then sell it repeatedly through your marketing strategies. Each product that you create is a business asset.

What is an Information Product?

An information product is a piece of content that provides valuable information on a particular topic. This type of product is usually educational in nature. Information products often come in the form of a book, report, audio, video, or graphic. Each of these items is an information product in its own right.  There is no standard size for an information product.  Usually the product addresses an issue or problem in a clear, concise, and creative way.

Examples of Information Products

Here are some of the most popular and well-known, types of information products.

(1)       Ebook or digital book – This is the most well known type of information product on the internet. They are simple. They are also easy to create. They are typically the least expensive information products to create and sell. You can create an Ebook as a PDF or as a Kindle book. You can find our book on Kindle: The Book On Investing-Creating the Life of Your Dreams.

(2)       Reports and Manuals – These types of information products are often targeted specifically toward a certain segment, problem, or topic. A manual or report is often shorter than an ebook. It is usually technical in nature.

(3)       Audio Products – This type of information product is usually a recording. The recording is either delivered on a physical CD or digitally in MP3 format. An audio product is great for interviews. Your buyer can listen to the interview anytime.  We have a free audio podcast program My Biz Dream Team: Opportunity Wednesday Training Series.  You can subscribe to it on ITunes or on our website.

(4)       Video Products – Video products work well for tutorial types of information. Teleseminars, slideshows, and other visual events or activities are also other examples of video products.  One idea for a video product is to show people how to install  a WordPress plugin.

(5)       Seminars/Webinars/Tele-class – You could also conduct a webinar or tele-class on your topic. Then you sell the digital recording along with a digital transcript of the call or a checklist. That is a quick and easy way to create an information product.

Put yourself in the position to start earning money on line by taking a class that gives you step-by-step instructions. We recommend Connie Ragen Green’s Really Simple Content Marketing. We took the course a few months ago. Start earning money this year with the knowledge that she shares with you. Get it today at a special introductory price.



Your knowledge and expertise can be the basis for selling valuable information products on the internet. You can choose from ebooks, reports and manuals, video recordings, audio recordings, and seminars or webinars to create a product. Information products can generate passive income for you. They also serve the audience who want and need the benefits of your experience and knowledge to improve their lives.

At My Biz Dream Team we work with entrepreneurs and small business owners to save them time and money, and to help them reach their business goals.  We work with them to “Achieve Uncommon Results!”  To find out if one of our group programs is right for you contact us at

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