Social Media “ABCs” for the New Entrepreneur

Social Media

Social Media

Social Media “ABCs” for the New Entrepreneur

Standing out on social media is essential to getting known and building your brand. More “fans,” “followers,” and “likes” can translate into more customers for your business. As a new entrepreneur you want to know the rules of engagement for social media. Although the various platforms are different, just knowing the “ABCs” of social media will provide you with an advantage.

A. Automation

Avoid too much automation. Identify what should be done personally by you. Then you can automate the rest.

Remember that your potential clients want to get to know you. Don't be afraid to let people know your passion for your area of expertise. Spend some time interacting with them personally and authentically. Remember there are others competing in your specialty. But there is only one you. You can learn more about being authentic with your customers in this recent podcast: Be Authentic to Increase Your Authority Status

B. Branding

Your branding should be consistent across the various social media platforms.

Remember that your brand embodies the quality, character, and promises of your business. Your photo, logo, videos, audio, and written words project your image. It is important that you reflect a consistent image. The image must be professional and authentic. The consistency in branding helps build trust. You can read more about the importance of branding in this recent post: Branding: The “ABCs” of Branding.

C. Customer Care

Once you open social media accounts for your business, there may be times when you are asked to provide some customer care.

Remember that if you focus on putting customers first, you will be able to direct the customer to the appropriate place for support. Or you can handle the situation yourself in a way that reflects your commitment to your customers. When you do this in front of others, you have the potential to win over even more customers.  You can find out more about the importance of focusing on customer care in this recent post: Branding: The “ABCs” of Branding.

Closing Thoughts

Standing out on social media is an important part of building your brand. You can leverage social media to help you build your authority.  Using these “ABCs”  in your business will help you meet your content marketing goals as you build your brand and your authority.

By following these “ABCs” of social media  you are on your way to establishing a distinctive and sustainable brand. You can work with us to help develop your branding strategy in “The Strategic Pathway to Success Program.”  Let us help you make your brand powerful and stand out in the crowd.


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