Social Media Team: A Checklist for Building Your Team

Build Your Social Media Team

Build Your Social Media Team

Social Media Team: A Checklist for Building Your Social Media Team

Having a social media team is a key component in growing your business. One of the best things you can do for your business is to build a great team to help you accomplish your social media goals. This checklist will help you find the right people for your social media team.

 1. Track Your Efforts

 Before you can even start building your social media team, you need to know what types of social media tasks need to be completed.

 o Track yourself for a couple of weeks

o Create social media goals for each network

o Write down everything you do right now for social media on each network

o Write down what you wish you could do if you had the knowledge

2. Create Roles From Duties                         

 When you see what, you do daily, plus what you wish you could do, create duties for each role.

o List expectations

o List tasks

o Give it a title

3. Determine Your Goals for Each Role

 When you know the roles and duties that each will do, create goals for each role, for example, if you want to hire a community manager what is the reason for them being there?

o Conversions

o Engagement

o Organization

o Content Calendar

o Number of Times and When to Share

o Ads

 4. Define the Skills Needed for Each Role

 When you write down the duties for each role you have created for your team, you can then determine which skills they need. For example, a graphic designer obviously needs to know how to use software, and design “something” but what? Book covers, memes, sales pages? What?

 o Designing Memes

o Choosing Images

o Making Text Overlays

o Engaging with Members

o Knowing your product — do you need to set up some product knowledge training?

 5. Ask Your Friends and Colleagues

 Finding just the right person for each role can be difficult but you probably know someone without realizing it. The first place you should go is to friends or colleagues that you know have awesome teams.

 o Know what you need before asking

o Define what makes a good (fill-in the blank for the role)

o Understand the basics of the role

 6. Check Out Job Sites for Freelancers

Today, there are many job sites you can check out to find just the right person.





Conclusion/Call to Action

Finding the right people for your social media team is crucial. You must determine when the time is right. Using this checklist will help you make good decisions about this important aspect of your business.

For more information about building a great team see: The Special Report and Training Guide: The Ultimate Guide to Building a Business Dream Team


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