This is What Happens When You Leave your 9-5 Job

Leaving Your 9-5 Job

Leaving Your 9-5 Job

This is What Happens When You Leave Your 9-5 Job

This is what happens when you leave your 9-5 job. You execute the plan that you have spent weeks preparing. You decide whether you are going to (1) quit your job completely within the month or (2) phase out your job in stages, setting up your business on a part-time basis.  This episode of My Biz Dream Team:  Opportunity Wednesday Training Series will tell you all about you can expect when you leave your 9-5 job. This episode concludes a 4 part series that provides you with a systematic approach to leave your 9-5 job and begin your entrepreneur dream.

We have included a checklist to support this episode: What Happens When You Leave Your 9-5 for Your Entrepreneur Dream?  Click here to get your checklist.

Below is an excerpt from the checklist.

Plan for Growth

         I am ready TO ACT and get started—today!

        I have identified my key:



        I know how much I need to:

                Cover my expenses

                Invest back into my business

                Make a profit

        I have determined what software, tools and services I need

        I understand I will have challenges but I am ready to meet them with a positive, proactive attitude

        I have a plan and a roadmap that will help me deal with issues like discouragement or challenges

        I have set up and planned a rock-solid foundation for my business, with everything set up in place

        I have planned for growth and expansion to the best of my ability and research right now.

Develop Consistency

        I am cultivating the habit of ACTING every day

        I am avoiding the traps of:



        I am taking my planned steps—one after the other

        I understand that being fearless is not a feeling, but a decision

        I understand that consistency in my business practices and habits is vital to success

        I understand I need also to have:

                A list-building plan

                A social media plan

                A content plan

                An outsourcing and automation plan

Develop a Sales Funnel

        I am planning an entire, cohesive sales funnel rather than just one offer or package

        I am tailoring that sales funnel to the steps my ideal client or customer is going to need to take after each offer

Use Automation to Reach Goals

        I am using automation to create consistency in my practices, speed them up and ensure that tasks are performed efficiently

        I am semi-automating my content and offerings to ensure they are of top quality and consistency

        I am automating tasks and functions that do not depend directly on my personal involvement

        I have determined:

                What to automate

                Which system, method or tool to use

        I have listed the functions I may need automated, and properly researched the best choice in automation options.

Build a Powerful Team

        I am planning for outsourcing in my business


                In the future

                Task by task—starting soon

        I am planning one day to have a powerful team that can function well in my absence.

Conclusion/Call to Action

This is what happens when you leave your 9-5 job. You begin to build a viable and sustainable business. You begin a strategic pathway to entrepreneurial success. You begin to live the life of your dreams. By following a few strategic steps, this is what happens when you leave your 9-5 job, you will:

  • Plan for Growth
  • Develop Consistency
  • Develop a Sales Funnel
  • Use Automation to Reach to Goals
  • Build a Powerful Team

Leave us a comment to let us know if you are ready TO ACT and leave your 9-5 job.


I am Pamela Montgomery, the attorney, author, and entrepreneur who helps you create the life of your dreams as you achieve uncommon results in your business and in your life!



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