How to Transform from Employee to Entrepreneur

Transform from employee to entrepreneur


How to Transform from Employee to Entrepreneur

How to transform from employee to entrepreneur, is a question asked by many would-be entrepreneurs. As you transform from employee to entrepreneur you may struggle with feelings of powerlessness and lack of confidence in the face of the new challenges. You will need to develop a lifestyle and mindset that makes you feel confident and powerful in the situations that you face in life and in business as you make this transformation. This article addresses how to transform yourself from employee to  entrepreneur using five strategies that help you to become confident, strong, and powerful.  I invite you to  “Step into Your P.O.W.E.R.

1. Remember Your Purpose

As you transform from  employee to entrepreneur, you must remind yourself of the burning desire that brought you to this point. You had a big dream of starting a business.  Remember your purpose. Continue to dream big and to act big. Join with others to make a difference. We were sent here to serve.  Who are you serving? Once you begin to focus on others, and get your mind off of yourself, your passion and purpose will be re-kindled. I began to feel less nervous and fearful when I stopped focusing on details of my business plan and remembered why I wanted to serve my clients.

2. Look for Opportunities to Continue Learning

Once you become an entrepreneur you will find that school has just begun.  You may have credentials that made you a great success as an employee.  As an entrepreneur you will need new skills. These skills aren't often learned in university classrooms. So you must continually look for opportunities to learn that will broaden your knowledge base. Take courses and read books that fill the gaps in your knowledge. You can also learn from people who are already successful doing what you do.  You must remain teachable!  These opportunities for learning are essential to your transformation. These opportunities for learning help make you feel confident and powerful.  As you learn new things you gain the confidence to know that you can meet the challenge of being an entrepreneur.

3. Pursue a Wealth of Relationships

As you become an entrepreneur you need to pursue and develop a wealth of relationships.  The people around you are so important to your feeling of power. Are they negative? Are they telling you what you can not do? If so it may be time to stop spending time with them. You must develop relationships with people who will support you and your dream.  Are they encouraging you in your change?  Some of the negative people may be in your own family. Then it is harder to get away from them.  But you must protect your dream!  I have joined new groups like the Rotary Club and the community civic association to associate with other business and community leaders.  You may want to join local service organizations in your community. Continue to network and serve.

4. Be Energetic!

As you transform from employee to entrepreneur you will probably spend longer hours working. You will be tired and pre-occupied with all that you have to do. But you will not be able to accomplish your great dreams if you are tired all the time.  To combat this feeling, you need to be energetic. Move around. Feel your strength. I like to walk in the neighborhood or at the local mall in morning.  I have a ritual where I jump up out of the bed, pray and meditate, then start walking. You may want to try something similar to keep your energy high!

5. Be Relentless

As you step into your power as an entrepreneur, you will leave many old habits and customs behind. You must be relentless in pursuit of the dream that is your business.  Don't give up. When you stop, the results you were looking for could have been just around the corner. I encourage you to be persistent, determined, and relentless. Be excellent in all that you do. None of us is perfect. But we can be an excellent example of how to use POWER for positive change in our life and our community.

Closing Thoughts

To transform from employee to entrepreneur can be challenging. However with the proper mindset and focus you can emerge confident and powerful as you learn to step into your P.O.W.E.R.

What new habits or rituals are you developing as your transform from employee to entrepreneur? Share your remarks in the comment box. We would love to hear from you.


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