Top WordPress Plugins: Interview with Adrienne Dupree Episode 6:1

WordPress Plugins Enhance Your Capabilities

WordPress Plugins Enhance Your Capabilities

Top WordPress Plugins: Interview with Adrienne Dupree Episode 6:1

Today's post is a podcast interview on WordPress Plugins with internet marketer, Adrienne Dupree. Adrienne is an online entrepreneur specializing in helping those who want to leave the corporate behind and launch an online business. Adrienne can be found online at Leave the Corporate World Behind. Adrienne is a technical expert and computer programmer who previously worked in the corporate world. She recently left the corporate world behind to work full-time on her internet business. Adrienne has also created a training course with Connie Ragen Green on the Top 20 Plugins for Your WordPress web site.  During the interview we talked about several of the recommendations that Adrienne makes in the course.

Summary of Podcast

One of the most important aspects of building an online business is to have a website.  Your website is the platform on the internet that you call home. We recommend a WordPress website. It is easy to create. It is also easy to use. It has become the industry standard. Along with the WordPress website, you will also need plugins to enhance the functionality of the site.  These plugins will help you save time and make you money.

On this episode Adrienne shares her expertise on WordPress plug-ins. Having the right plugins to enhance your WordPress web site can make your business run much better. Knowing how to use plugins  is an important part of being an internet entrepreneur. It is also important to know why to use plug-ins. Plugins are often a mystery when you first start out on line.

This program helps you select the ones that are best to protect your website. Adrienne also shares valuable information about which plug-ins to use to help you analyze your web site's data.  I am a particular fan of Google Analytics.  This free plugin gives you excellent information about who is visiting your site.  It also tells you which content is most popular.  A tool like Google Analytics can help you fine tune your content marketing strategy.

Read this recent post: Take the Mystery out of WordPress Plugins for additional information on some of the WordPress Plugins recommended by Adrienne in the interview.

For training on how to choose and use WordPress Plugins for your business, we recommend the  training course that Adrienne Dupree created with Connie Ragen Green.

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