Take the Mystery Out of WordPress Plugins!

Let's Take the Mystery Out of WordPress Plugins!

Let's Take the Mystery Out of WordPress Plugins!

Take the Mystery Out of WordPress Plugins!

Does the idea of adding plugins to your website scare you? Are you sure which ones to add? Do you even know what plugins are and what they do?

Plugins add functionality to enhance your website. Among other things they can (1) help you reduce spam comments, (2) protect your affiliate links, and (3) provide you data to analyze the effectiveness of your content marketing.

Our Recommendations For Plugins!

I encourage you to get your website up and running if you have not done that yet.  I recommend a WordPress site. You will also need to add a few WP Plugins to enhance the functionality of your site. A great training product on WP Plugins is written by two entrepreneurs who have lots of experience and provide great advice, Adrienne Dupree and Connie Ragen Green. I have used this product and taken their advice.  When you buy Adrienne's and Connie product by Friday, June 17, I will give you as a bonus, a 20 minute consultation with me.  That's a $200 Bonus. So move fast to get Top WP Plugins for Business.

This Course Is Now Available At An  Introductory Price Of Only $10!

They will be raising this price fairly soon as they add more training and information, but wanted to give you the opportunity to get started now to start leveraging your WordPress sites as you build your business online. And, best of all, you’ll be included in all future updates without having to invest another penny!

Our Recommendations to Jumpstart Your Success Mindset

The NBA championships are in full gear!  Will Cleveland continue its comeback after being down 3-1? We will all see tomorrow night.  Well, they are all professionals and giving it their all to be successful.

As entrepreneurs you have to reassess from time to time to decide whether we are giving it our all.

You can jumpstart your success by reading books that help you develop the proper mindset. I highly recommend that you read Darren Hardy’s “The Compound Effect: Jumpstart Your Income, Your Life, Your Success.” Hardy’s premise is that by making seemingly small changes you can have a huge impact on your income, life, and success.  It is an empowering message that I encourage you to read and to make a part of your life. 

More on Content Marketing

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